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ADA + 2 Station Marina| ADA Restroom Trailer

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No down payment! Financing as low as $0 per month for 60 months QBO
3 Toilets
Up to 350 Guests
ADA Compliant
3 Sinks
ADA + 2 Station Marina| ADA Restroom Trailer

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"They should put these at all the job sites. -Russel"

The ADA Restroom Trailer for Rent +2 Station  Marina Series is perfect for any venue in which ADA accessibility is a must. This 19-foot climate-controlled unit features 2 standard unisex restrooms, each with pedal flush toilets, a cabinet sink, and shatterproof mirror.

This ADA restroom trailer for rent also contains one unisex ADA suite with an ADA toilet, sink, shatterproof mirror, and grab rails. The ADA suite allows for 360-degree turns in a wheelchair, which guarantees a comfortable experience for all your guests. Abundant porch lighting and vinyl flooring ensure a safe entry/exit to each private suite, no matter what time of day or night.

To ensure a comfortable interior climate no matter the weather, this ADA restroom trailer for rent comes equipped with insulation and one 13.5K AC unit for additional comfort. The entire unit is a durable trailer with seamless surfaces and waterproof materials.  This trailer comes with an air suspension system making towing and leveling easy.  The ADA Restroom has a platform that lowers, a six-foot ramp that snaps into place, and handrails that slide into place.

The waste is removed by a highly efficient vacuum system that can remove was quickly up to 300 feet away.  This system also evacuates foreign objects by grinding the waste or objects without clogging the system.  Even diapers can be disposed of through this vacuum system.

Overall, this is an ADA restroom that is built to last with high-quality materials and clean design. Get your inclusive ADA restroom trailer for rent today!

*Photos are used to show examples of interior and are not actual representation of layout.

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