Holiday season is officially in full swing! Decorations are up, your favorite seasonal tunes are playing nonstop on the radio, and festive events keep us in positive cheer all month long.

Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, our restroom rentals are flying out of the warehouse at an alarming speed! They’re in high demand, helping businesses and organizations provide a much-needed amenity in a variety of ways. One industry of companies we seem to be serving the most are those in Logistics. This includes companies in delivery, transportation, packing and shipping, and more.

As these companies enter their busy season, additional help is needed. With the influx of employees, facility use, and overall foot traffic, many companies like these see a need for restroom rentals. Here are three ways that restroom rentals can help you run your logistics company safely, efficiently, and comfortably.

1. Seasonal Staff

Many different businesses find it necessary to hire temporary staff during busy times of the year. For logistics companies, this is regular practice. More staff can lead to a need for additional upgrades like more work space, additional everyday amenities, and more. We can help with restroom rentals.

With more people in and out of your business, the need for more available restrooms is likely. It is your job as a business owner to provide staff with basic needs like this, and we are here to make the process easier for you. Avoid creating lines in your brick and mortar bathroom and provide employees with a luxurious alternative. Our restroom rentals range in size and luxury, from small and basic to large and upscale.

2. Holiday Parties

The company holiday party is a yearly staple that often brings laughter, team bonding, and lasting memories. While this event is usually so much fun for attendees, it may feel like a tedious burden to management and the party planner. On top of decorating, creating space for so many visitors at once, ordering food and drinks, and more, the last thing even the most sophisticated of planners may think of is ample restroom options.

Restroom rentals are an easy solution. Like with seasonal employees, these restroom rentals keep your brick and mortar bathroom from becoming overwhelmed.

3. Operations

As a logistics company, your business is often running at 24 hours a day during busy seasons. With so many overnight shipping and transportation options these days, it’s hard to find time to get everything done during the typical 9-to-5.

Some employees may end up working long or late hours, and a great manager thinks about their staff’s needs. To make the work environment more comfortable during these odd hours, we provide a variety of specialty trailers in addition to our restroom rentals. These options include shower, laundry, combo, and custom trailers.

Shower trailers come equipped with the basic amenities of a home shower and have self-contained water tanks. The laundry trailers also have self-contained water tanks, and both are equipped to provide hot running water. Many choose to have a combo trailer, so we also provide restroom/ shower combo, shower/ laundry combo, and restroom/shower/ laundry combo trailers. These options allow your staff a moment to refresh and return to their work stations with renewed motivation.

Success for the Holidays

With our restroom rentals and other trailer options, we are able to help you keep your employees comfortable and happy as they work to make your company succeed. We encourage you to browse our collection of restroom rentals and book your trailer today!