This time last year, the world began to change in a way that none of us could have anticipated. We packed up our offices and began working from home, needed to wear masks in public to keep others and ourselves safe, and to add a little light humor to the situation, the world's toilet paper supply seemed to disappear overnight. Many of us were able to adapt to this new world, but so many were not. We recall providing emergency rental portable toilets for impacted hospitals, servicing their makeshift locations, and supporting other essential businesses. It was a pivotal time in our history and won't be soon forgotten.

Thankfully, the COVID-19  hospital numbers are *finally* starting to get lower and lower everyday. This article highlights available rental portable toilets and how they can continue to support hospitals.  Many don’t realize that a busy hospital means a lack of those resources and amenities we take for granted, including the restroom. 

It is our job to stay focused and vigilant, supporting the medical field as best we can. See our restroom recommendations for hospitals across the nation, each providing a unique service that can help busy medical professionals in small, simply ways that, in the end, make all the difference. 

ADA +2 Station Combo

ADA rental portable toilets

This may be a time when hospitals see visitors who are temporarily disabled or unable to use the restroom without assistance. This means a need for ADA-compliant bathroom options will arise. Our ADA +2 Station Combo, Oahu Series provides a restroom option for all who need it, including those who need assistance. Built with both a toilet and shower in each, the Oahu Series rental portable toilet is well equipped to tackle the job. 

Laundry Trailer

Hospital needs vary from day to day, and many of us never see what’s happening behind the scenes. One task that can take up quite a bit of space and time is laundry. Medical professionals must properly clean bed dressings, towels, maybe even scrubs for those with long shifts. The laundry trailer is a portable solution that can take on some of those heavy loads. It can handle a large volume of laundry daily, working in pace with the fast-moving hospital needs. 

Locker Room Combo

rental portable toilets combo

A great solution for medical staff, the locker room combo is a one-stop shop for all employee care needs. These portable restrooms for rent come with lockers to keep personal items safe, toilets for relief, and showers that allow staff to get clean and have some peaceful alone time. When the usual break rooms are overcrowded in the hospital, this Locker Room Combo comes to the rescue, providing staff with much needed space and full restroom amenities.

6 Station Classic

classic portable toilets

If your hospital is seeing more visitors than usual due to the pandemic, perhaps you need a simple restroom solution that can provide a few extra places for guests and staff to relieve themselves. The 6 Station Classic Series is one of the best rental portable toilets for the job. This medium-sized trailer can handle around 550 guests with ease, taking some stress away from the brick-and-mortar restroom options. 

4 Station Combo

combo rental portable toilets

With so many people needing extended or long-term hospital stays, it is inevitable that more people will need access to restrooms with full amenities. The 4 Station Combo, Classic Series is a solution for visitors and staff alike. Offer restroom and shower options for all in the hospital with this portable restrooms for rent solution. Clean, comfortable, and compact, it is a simple bathroom solution that can make everyone a little more comfortable.

If these rental portable toilets seem like solutions for your hospital or medical office, request a quote to get your rental process started. 

Need a little more inspiration? Browse our full inventory of rentals here and contact us to see what is currently available.