Summer is officially here! What comes to mind as summer approaches? When we think of summer, we think of adventures and lots of fun in the sun! Many are surprised at how useful shower trailers can be during those fun summer activities like at the pool, beach, country club, gym, and lake. Summertime is a great time to gather together. Especially with those who make you smile from ear to ear. Overall summer is the time to gather and enjoy one another's company. 

With that comes making sure you have the right accommodations. The summer clientele is a large one. With this being a peak season due to mass tourism or your loyal locals. You want to make sure your summer guests have the best experience possible. How might you ask?  By providing shower trailers. We are delighted that our favorite season is now in full swing. Here are our top 5 recommendations.

1. 2 Station Classic Series

This 2 Station Classic Series is one of our shower trailers that is perfect for use on hot construction sites, disaster relief efforts, locker room extensions, festivals and much more! Your guests will enjoy the comfort of on-demand propane hot water, air conditioning, and full-size propane forced air heat, as well as a 3 Season package for cooler temperatures and the Smarter Restrooms App.

2.DEMO 2019 3 Station Comfort Series Combo

For those who want trade show quality at a bargain price, this 3 Station Comfort Series is the perfect solution. Ideal for swimming pools, lakes, and campsites, this one is for locations requiring shower and restroom facilities in one compact environment! 

3. 4 Station Shower/ Restroom Combo

Similar to the 3 Station Combo, this unit comes with both showers and toilets but can handle a larger crowd. Each suite includes full flush china toilet, fiberglass shower stall, corner vanity with a corner sink, self-closing faucet in the sink and shower, bench, shower curtain, and toilet-paper holders. With design in mind, this is one of our shower trailers that will impress guests at country clubs, executive gatherings, and other formal events

4. 6 Station Shower/ Restroom/ Locker Room Combo 

A literal locker room on wheels, this versatile shower trailer unit is a configuration ideal for sporting event locations, outdoor worksites, community pools, and more. These combo shower trailers include four shower stalls, two pedal flush toilets, 42 half-size lockers, two locker room bench seats, and two sinks. Not only can you provide summer guests with a dependable shower option, but also a restroom option and a safe place to store personal items.

5. 10 Station Classic Series

The Classic Series Shower Trailers are a leading choice for venues that see a large volume of customers each day. With ten individual showering stalls, it can handle a high number of users with ease. 

Each shower stall includes a small changing area with lockable door, clothes hook and small bench seat for a completely private shower experience. The shower area is divided from changing area with a shower curtain and also includes a single lever faucet for easy temperature control and shower germicide protected mat.

So you see, no matter what your needs this summer, portable shower trailers have you covered all season long. Whether it's golfing at the country club or hanging by the pool, you can guarantee that your guests have access to the amenities they need. Summertime calls for gathering and we hope to be a part of your next gathering soon.  If our list has inspired you to upgrade your summer venues with our portable shower trailers, request a quote and get your rental or purchase started today. Not quite sure what exactly you’re looking for? Contact us - our knowledgeable sales team is on call and ready to help you!