6 Benefits of Financing Your Portable Restroom Rentals
For businesses in the portable restroom rentals industry, having a large or small fleet of restroom trailers year round is a necessity.  However, units are not in use during the winter months, or if business is slower, a portion of the fleet may not be in use. Thankfully, financing options are available to accommodate this challenge.

  1. The lease to own program offers affordable payment options with a customized payment schedule. Financing options for the entire cost of the unit allows the opportunity to acquire portable restroom trailers with no down payment.
  2. Leasing programs are fast and convenient. No loan committees or slow moving loan processes. The process from application to delivery of the portable restroom trailer could take less than a week (with in stock inventory)! This gives you time to focus on your business, not the loan process.
  3. The best part is the option to set up terms that suit your business and budget. If your business is seasonally based, payments can be scheduled only for the months your business is active. For example, you could pay 9 payments in a 12 month period.
  4. Leasing also offers tax advantages as well. Unless your state has exemptions, your lease payments may be fully tax deductible each year until it is paid off. This is far easier than depreciating the cost over a period of years.
  5. Financing your portable restroom trailer with a lease additionally keeps your cash flow and other credit sources open for emergencies or other expenditures while acquiring equipment you wouldn’t otherwise have in your budget.
  6. Finally, with the lease options, you receive a fixed interest rate, meaning you can easily budget for your monthly payments. You won’t need to worry about a variable rate going up and cutting into your budget when you can least afford it.

Leasing provides the opportunity to increase your growing business by updating or increasing your portable restroom trailer fleet easily and quickly. With the variety of options mentioned above (seasonal pay schedule, tax advantages, keeping your cash flow  available on hand for you, and more), Leasing to own is a preferred method of expanding portable restroom rental businesses.
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