ADA Compliant Restrooms Elevate Guest Experience

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ADA Compliant Restrooms Elevate Guest Experience

Today, accessibility is more important than ever. With more and more cities and states making it law to have ADA access throughout major events, buildings, and public spaces, savvy businesses are getting on board and ensuring that they provide a space that is accessible to all. This includes ADA compliant restrooms.

When our CEO founded the company, she made it a priority to not only provide an upscale portable alternative to the porta-potty, but to ensure that we have ADA restroom trailers that were compliant in all 50 states. She has taught our team to preach the many values of providing an ADA option, because prioritizing every individual customer’s experience, no matter where the venture to in your business, is the mark of a good company. Below, we outline a few ways that upgrading with something as simple as ADA-compliant restrooms proves your a company that cares.

1. Inclusiveness

The most important thing you can do as a company, brand, or organization is to ensure that anyone who might be a customer feels welcome at your establishment. While the restroom seems like a minor place to show it, this is the place where it can matter most. Our ADA compliant restrooms ensure that you are providing a bathroom option that is not only accessible to all, but showcases your inclusiveness no matter what differences your customers may have. 

2. Space

When it comes to the standard stall or restroom size, space is not a priority. Many bathrooms aim to cram as many stalls in as possible, leaving all who use them in occasionally awkward positions when trying to take care of their business. We’ve all done some shopping and had to juggle bags while using a limited restroom space, needed to change for an evening outing or the gym in the small stall after work, and many other scenarios that made us realize, “I simply don’t have enough space!” ADA restroom trailers ensure that when added space is simply necessary, it is an option. 

3. Customer Care

For many, customer care is the primary focus of their business’ purpose. We have learned that making sure that each customer is well taken care of, from arrival to departure, is crucial for monetary success, loyalty, and reputation. There are so many little ways that you can show your customers you care. It’s in the greeting as they enter, the amenities provided during their stay, the organization of your business, and so much more. This does not stop at the restroom. You must ensure that every customer feels cared for, even those who may need added amenities. Guarantee that all individuals who visit your business have the restroom access they need, and it turn, the care, with ADA compliant restrooms. They’re a quick, easy, and affordable solution that showcases how much you think about every individual experience. 

4. Guest Experience

An optimal customer care plan leads those customers to view you as a company that cares. This improves their experience and raises your overall rating and impression. Make sure no guest is left behind when it comes to a positive experience. From guests with families to those with disabilities, those just needing extra space to some who temporarily need the assistance of a wheelchair, every guest experience matters. Give them that added touch that says “5 star business” with an ADA compliant restroom trailer that offers the positive bathroom experience they need.

If you are interested in exploring the ADA compliant restrooms we have to offer for your business, browse the collection! When you’re ready to book, feel free to request a quote or contact us to ask questions. 

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