It is that time of the year! School is almost done, the sun is out, and kids are ready to see their friends and get outdoors. Sending the kids to summer camp sounds enticing since due to the COVID-19 regulations, movement had been limited and many kids did not get to enjoy being outdoors last summer as per tradition. Big thanks to the vaccine, families can finally go out, have fun, and make new memories, and we have the ADA restroom rentals that can support those fun, outdoor activities.

With the weather being warm outside, kids are ready to go swimming, eat sloppy joes, and make lifetime memories at camp. Since most camps face difficulties in offering brick-and-mortar restroom services, camp managers might consider using ADA restroom rentals as a cheap and easy way to give campers the experiences of a lifetime. Below are some of the options to choose from, suitable for wild and free kids.

For Small Camps

3 station ADA restroom


Besides having three toilets, this Marina Series ADA restroom rental has an air suspension system that makes towing and leveling easy. It has a hot handwash, a ramp that can be lowered and its vacuum cleaning system is efficient in grinding waste material without clogging. It also contains a water heater meaning your guests can enjoy a hot or warm water hand wash.

For Medium Camps

luxury ADA restroom rentals


The ADA + 4 Station Comfort Elite Series trailer can hold up to 350 guests, is made of durable and waterproof material, it is water saving and the ADA system is upgraded having its own pumping system and a push-button electric flush giving your guests comfort and ease when using the suites. It has 5 unisex suites each with a separate entrance and 4 suites have corner sinks and there is also an ADA suite with a wheelchair-accessible sink for ease of use by people with disabilities.

For Large Camps

9 station ADA restroom rentals

The ADA +8 Station Oahu Series has been specifically designed for users with disabilities and it can be used as a family suite for families that have small children or people with special needs. The unique trailer contains 1 women’s suite that has 3 stalls, 1 unisex suite and 1 male suite with 2 stalls and 2 urinals, all having a separate entrance to preserve the privacy of guests. It spacious enough and can accommodate up to 750 guests at a time.

With Showers!

ADA restrooom rental

The ADA +4 Station rental meets CA Standards and has a comfortable interior that is easy to use. Each room has a private entrance door, stairs, handrails, and outdoor lighting to allow guests to use it at any time of the day. Like all of our ADA restroom rentals with showers, each suite contains a shower stall with an adjustable shower head connected to an extended shower hose and a fold-down seat. There is also a wall-mounted bench for support and a shower curtain to give guests their privacy.

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Are you a camp manager and organizer? Do you wish to make the experience of campers comfortable and filled with fun? The ADA restroom rentals got you covered as they are designed to save water, promote good hygiene, and provide campers luxury as they enjoy themselves. Take a look at more ADA restroom rentals here!