There is nothing quite as special as an up-and-coming neighborhood. What was once abandoned buildings, empty, unused fields, or a sleepy corner of town can be revived with the simplest of upgrades. Twinkling lights hanging above an alleyway make a dark avoidable place romantic, trendy small businesses who invest in their community add a unique personality to the area, and public spaces like parks and lakes host events that bring people together. Portable Restroom Trailers offers an outstanding ADA Restroom Trailer solution for this iconic community.
Brooklyn is no stranger to revival and has quickly become one of the East Coast’s most desirable neighborhoods. From new businesses to improved public places, this New York burrough is thriving and continues to make improvements that make it a more and more desirable place to live, work, and play.


ADA Restroom Trailer Solution for an Iconic Sugar Refinery in BrooklynThe Domino Sugar Refinery is a former refinery in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. The building itself dates from 1882, back when it was the largest sugar refinery in the world. A location filled with history, this refinery processed more than half of the sugar consumed throughout the United States during this time. The company built their original building in 1856, but a fire caused it to burn down and the owners had to rebuild what we see today.
An interesting piece of history from the sugar refinery’s past is that it hosted one of New York City’s longest labor strikes. The strike involved over 250 workers who protested wages and working conditions from June 1999 to February 2001.
After 148 years of operation, the sugar refinery closed its doors and the buildings were given landmark status by the Landmarks Preservation Commission in 2007. Since then, redevelopment ideas had been floated around, including building a school, affordable housing, and more.
Now an 11-acre mega-project, the area will soon see new buildings, and now, a beautiful waterfront park. Domino Park is a 6 acre development that opened on June 10th, 2018. Designed by James Corner Field Operations, the park was created with the area’s industrial history in mind while being versatile enough for multiple uses.
ADA Restroom TrailerThe park is entirely new, but pays homage to its past with touches like Artifact Walk. This elevated catwalk that stretches over five blocks and those who visit and stroll down this walkway see refinery equipment spotting the area, including tanks, cranes, and screw conveyors. At the center of the park, you’ll find a playground that is designed to look like a mini sugar refinery, allowing children to use their imaginations to create what working at the refinery would have been like. The playground was designed by Mark Reigelman.
Other elements of the park include plenty of open seating, a dog run, a water esplanade, and a taco shack.
As this park developed, the creators faced a common question: what will be the restroom solution for this public space? When in need of a public restroom, a brick and mortar option is typically not the best solution due to maintenance, permitting, and high costs. Fortunately, the developers gave us a call.


When the developers of Domino Park asked us about restroom solutions, we knew we had option that fit their needs. They needed restrooms that could handle a high volume of visitors, were ADA compliant, and had a design that fit the industrial feel of the park overall.
The ADA restroom trailer that we were able to provide was the 10 Station Portable Restroom Trailer, Calypso Series. This unit is a completely self contained 200-gallon fresh water restroom trailer with an option to connect directly to the sewer. A fresh, clean exterior design greet guests and aluminum stairs and a ramp guide them up to the unit safely.
When entering this ADA restroom trailer, you’ll find that it is climate controlled for comfort with air conditioning and heat strips. The walls and ceiling are also insulated to ensure that the temperature is kept at a comfortable level. The women’s suite includes five private stalls, a double sink vanity, and shatterproof mirror. The men’s suite features two stalls, three standard urinals with privacy walls, and a similar double sink and mirror. Each of these units features china flushing toilets.

Another unique feature included with the ADA restroom trailer is the dent resistant exterior. The fiberglass wall is high gloss, seamless, and built to resist any kind of exterior damage. This is ideal for a busy public space like Domino Park, where you’ll see so many visitors every day. The durability of the Calypso 10 is sure to promise an ADA restroom trailer that stands the test of time, looking good after years of public use.
Another feature that comes with this restroom trailer is the Smarter Restrooms App. This app is a revolutionary tool that allows the restroom’s maintenance team to control aspects of the trailer remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Easily maintain systems operations with the ability to monitor waste levels, freshwater tank levels, power, and interior climate control.
Do you have a new project you’re working on that will have restroom needs? Tell us about it and let us provide you with the perfect ADA restroom trailer solution. We have designs fit for every job, from a small scale work site to a large festival of over 50,000 people. Comment below with your restroom needs.
We were proud to be a part of Domino Park’s dramatic shift, a welcome addition to the Williamsburg community, highlights how development can revive an area, creating new while giving a nod to the old. Domino Park embodies the importance of preserving history as we welcome the new. Pay a visit to the park the next time you find yourself in Brooklyn!