Accessibility remains more important than ever. As a business, it is crucial to think about the needs of every individual client since their overall experience will impact their opinion of your brand. This includes thinking about those with disabilities. Making sure that those with wheelchairs, crutches, or other aids feel welcome and provided for is the mark of a good company, and we have built ADA restroom trailers to assist businesses with providing that much needed access.

Below, we have hand-picked five of our ADA restroom trailers that are now available for purchase. We build trailers in every size and with a wide variety of amenities. Browse and see which option might be a great fit for you!

1. Single ADA Elite Series

For those not needing a large restroom option, this unit is an ideal choice. Equipped to handle up to 250 guests before needing to be serviced, it is perfect for smaller companies, events, and gatherings. Designed for casual environments, guests will be impressed by its simple yet upscale style.

Single ADA restroom trailers

2. ADA +2 Station Cabo Series

Another great unit from the Cabo Series line of restroom trailers, this option has been favorited by offices needing to extend their brick-and-mortar restroom options, outdoor events and venues, and buildings that are in the middle of renovations. This unit ensures that your guests with disabilities have the restroom access they need while also making sure that other visitors don’t have a long wait time. 

3. ADA +4 Station Oahu Series

medium restroom trailers

Equipped to handle medium to large crowds, the ADA +4 Station restroom trailers in the Oahu Series line are built for high usage and durability. With elegant flooring and simple yet sophisticated interior design, it is sure to impress guests of all backgrounds. We recommend this option for special events, warehouse employees, wineries, and schools.

4. ADA +10 Station Combo, Zenith Series

Our Combo ADA restroom trailers continue to rise in popularity. These units are a great fit for those looking to provide a full restroom experience with both toilet and shower options. This ADA +10 Station trailer is a great option for venues expecting large crowds. It can handle a high volume of visitors with ease, ensuring that the restroom wait time isn’t too long and that each user has a positive bathroom experience. 

large ada restroomss

5. ADA +2 Station Combo, Comfort Beach Series

This unit is equipped with an ADA-compliant shower suite, allowing those with disabilities to have access to showers when they need it. This unit is favored by hospitals and disaster relief organizations due to its ability to provide a shower option for all guests, including those who need extra help in the restroom and families wanting to stick together. 

Overall, our collection of ADA restroom trailers has been customized to fit the needs of a wide variety of industries. We encourage you to keep browsing!

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