When in the market for restroom trailers that are perfect for your needs, there are many factors to consider. We provide such a wide range of styles, sizes, add-ons, and more, that narrowing it down can be a bit more difficult than you thought. 

We here your questions and are always happy to provide more guidance when it comes to making this decision. The Available Now blog series will highlight the restroom trailers that are currently on sale. We will discuss what is unique about them, design specifications, other industries who have found certain restroom trailers to be the perfect fit for them, and more! Get ready to dive into the details and learn more about our products. With this extra guidance, you’ll be able to make your purchase with knowledge and confidence.

First up, the Key West Sunset Series! Most of our series cater to a specific crowd: from construction sites that need no frill to VIPs at executive dinners, the wide range in manufacturing and design is noticeable to anyone who takes a good look at our collection. The Key West Sunset Series are a set of restroom trailers that are built to be adaptable. Here’s why we think this series is a perfect fit for many restroom needs from basic to elegant.

Restroom Trailers with Style

What is uniquely interesting about the Key West Sunset Series is that its design tends to be favored by a wide variety of industries. The elegant yet neutral touches and tones of the interior are liked by office managers, wedding planners, executive offices, country clubs, and so many venues in between. It is one of our restroom trailers that can be used by any industry and pleases guests of all calibers. 

While other collections are designed to impress luxury guests and others designed for efficiency to service sports teams, The Key West Sunset Series is the happy medium. Casual or formal, these restroom trailers can please guests with their easy sophistication

The Necessities

Like all of our restroom trailers, this series is built with all the amenities of a home bathroom. Your portable restroom option should not sacrifice any of these - never look to the porta potty again! Our portable restroom options are built with intention, assuring our clients that portable does not mean lacking.

This series comes with air conditioning and heat strips for climate control, ensuring that the outside temperatures do not influence interior comfort. They also have mirrors and sink vanities with running cold and hot water, further ensuring the comfort of your guests when they visit. Flushable toilets are included as well, and this collection features private stalls, nonslip flooring, and a paper towel dispenser to finish it off. Each of these necessities make our Key West Sunset Series restroom trailers a desirable option for all guests.

Sizing and Add-Ons

A crucial step in the decision making process when purchasing restroom trailers is choosing the right size. Depending on your crowd, something as small as a 2 Station restroom trailer that services up to 225 users before maintenance is ideal. For some, a much larger restroom option is needed. The Key West Sunset Series can be built with up to 13 stations, guaranteeing that all crowds, from small to large, can be serviced quickly and easily.

We also offer add-ons that are also crucial for the decision-making process. If you live in a part of the nation with extreme weather, a season package that can help your trailer manage the temperatures is necessary. Perhaps you want to provide a changing station for parents, or add on the Smarte Restrooms App for maintenance. These options and more are available for Key West Sunset Series restroom trailers. Click here to see a full list of upgrades

Although all of our restroom trailers are available to order, here are the Key West Sunset Series Trailers that are sitting in our warehouse and ready to go today: 

4 Station

5 Station

Ready to order? Request a quote or contact us today! The sales team is here and waiting to assist you.