No matter what type of business you manage or own, there are some priorities that always remain at the top of your list. These almost certainly include customer experience and employee care. There is so much you can do for these two important groups of people and it is crucial that you spend the time and money taking care of them. This includes investing in proper restrooms, and our portable bathroom rentals are here to make that job a little easier.

Our inventory includes many large options that are ideal for businesses seeing several hundred customers and/or employees a day. Ensuring that every employee has restroom access when they need it and that customers have an elegant restroom experience is as much our priority as it is yours. We take the time to build efficient and modern portable bathroom rentals that fit your needs and satisfy all who visit. 

Below, we have handpicked five large portable bathroom rentals that are ideal for businesses needing a restroom option that can handle a big crowd. Take a look and see which option might be a great fit for you! 

Large Portable Bathroom Rentals for Business

1. 8 Station Coastal Series

Servicing up to 750 guests before maintenance is required, the 8 Station Coastal is one of our restroom trailer rentals that is popular among event professionals. The elegance of its nautical theme is the perfect balance between a casual work environment and a more formal client base like at upscale department stores. 

2. 9 Station Large Luxury Series

luxury portable bathroom rentals

If you have a crowd just a little bigger than 750 and visitors that want something more upscale in design, the 9 Station Large Luxury Series is a natural fit. Perfect for black tie events and corporate needs, this unit stands out from other portable bathroom rentals due to its elegance and sophistication.

3. 10 Station Comfort Series

For companies that have temporary worksites or city offices with long-term event series like weekly farmers markets, portable bathroom rentals like the 10 Station Comfort Series are a great choice. This unit is built for efficiency and durability, making it a better fit when looking for a restroom for the public. Servicing nearly 1000 guests, it’s ready to take on a huge crowd and is a dependable portable restroom option. 

4. 11 Station Classic Series - Male Dominant

We occasionally face a time when there is simply a crowd that is more one gender than the other. Instead of having a long line where a restroom is needed and an empty suite where it is not, we have designed portable bathroom rentals that are gender specific. The 11 Station Classic Series comes in a male and female dominant setting, with a nine station suite available for the larger crowd and a two station suite for the smaller crowd. These portable bathroom rentals are often used at construction sites, men’s and women’s retreats, at sporting arenas, and more. 

5. 15 Station Executive Series

Equipped to service over 1000 guests, the 15 Station Executive Series provides an upscale restroom experience. Designed with a more VIP crowd in mind, it is perfect for large corporate events and gatherings. 

Get Your Restroom Rental

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