Like many businesses that sell products, our goal is to manufacture a collection of the highest quality in our industry. Trailer restrooms are growing in popularity more and more each year, and in order to stay ahead, we must remain on trend, creative, and resilient about our intention to provide the best.

While we have a vast number of quality trailer restrooms to offer, some simply stand out among the rest. Whether it’s creative layout, high-end design, elegance, or accessibility, certain amenities make specific trailers in our inventory fan favorites. All businesses have products that sell out due to popularity, and we’ve got a few to share with you. 

Below, get to know the trailer restrooms that are best sellers, impressing all who shop the sanitation industry with their innovation, dependability, and design. We are truly proud of these top sellers and are excited to have them all available for purchase now, a very rare occurrence! Learn about them below, then browse our available inventory to find out if one of these options is a perfect fit for you.

1. 6 Station Locker Room Combo

locker room trailer restrooms

Known as the all-in-one trailer restroom, this Combo is unique and compatible with a variety of needs. It comes equipped with restrooms, showers, and a full locker room, tackling a multitude of needs in one portable environment. Used by industries from education to construction, events to parks and recreation, we have found that this trailer can be used by all. The locker room is especially useful for pool visitors, staff, catering teams, and so much more. 

2. Oahu ADA Collection

restroom trailers for memphis

Accessibility is a priority for every business. It shows your clients or staff that their needs are important to you, no matter what they may be. We pride ourselves in creating a wide variety of ADA trailer restrooms, ensuring that each is ADA-compliant in all 50 states. The Oahu Collection is well-designed with interiors in mind, boasting wooden floors and a clean atmosphere. They range in size, from single station to 10 station, ensuring that this option can handle any crowd size. If you are in the market for an inclusive portable restroom option, the Oahu collection has the perfect fit for you, guaranteed. 

3.  9 Station Convertible

What makes this trailer restroom’s floor plan unique is that it can literally change depending on what your crowd needs are. The unit has doors that act as walls, and you can open and close them as needed. Need a restroom option that has three men stations and six women stations? Close and lock a door. Want a unisex unit that is open to all, or servicing just one gender? Open all doors to create a 9 station portable restroom trailer. Catering to a crowd that has more men than women who need access to the restroom? Turn the unit into a restroom with six men’s stations and three women’s stations.

This unique trailer option is unique in our industry, making it a fan favorite that doesn’t last in our warehouse long. If you need a portable restroom with the ultimate versatility, this is the one for you. 


4. Luxury Collection

luxury trailer restrooms

This collection is a favorite in the events, corporate, and entertainment industries. When we began in the trailer restrooms industry, options were limited and interior design was not a priority. Our founder realized that while pretty much any trailer is an upgrade from the porta potty, some need more. They need an ambiance and atmosphere that matches their upscale environment, and a basic restroom just won’t do. So the Luxury Collection of trailer restrooms was born! These trailers boast high-end interior design touches, add-ons like surround sound speakers and digital fireplaces, and more that make the interior feel high-end. This is a line designed to impress your VIPs, executives, and upscale clientele. 

Now that you’ve had a chance to learn more about our most popular trailer restrooms, continue your search for the perfect match for your needs. Browse our available now page, now featuring all of these options, and invest in your business by providing the best portable restroom option.