As we continue growing in the trailer restrooms industry, we have the privilege of working with businesses located all around the country. As we have heard the many different needs of each company, we have learned that many factors come into play when it comes to customizing a trailer for each individual need. This includes climate.

Our trailer restrooms are, in most cases, used outdoors during all seasons of the year. When upgrading to a portable restroom, clients expect comfort for their guests at all times, and this includes temperature control. Over the years, we have taken into account more and more extreme weather conditions, building trailer restrooms that can now withstand temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. We have had to upgrade our manufacturing abilities to ensure that the interior climate is not altered based on the climate outdoors.

We now offer two packages that can handle different climates depending on your needs. The 4 Season Package is for more extreme weather conditions, like snow storms and extreme heat. Today, we’re featuring available trailer restrooms that come equipped with the 3 Season Package. This climate controlling upgrade is ideal for businesses located in milder climates with little to no snow. If this climate sounds like your business’ hometown, take a look at some great options below.

Once you take some time to browse these featured trailer restrooms, head over to our Available Now section for more inventory. Have a few more questions? Contact us to get all the answers. 

ADA +2 Station Oahu Series

ADA trailer restrooms

For those who aim to prioritize accessibility, the ADA +2 Station Oahu Series is a great pick. Perfect for medium-sized crowds, it’s an easy upgrade from traditional porta potties and will save you money that would be spent on upgrading your brick-and-mortar restroom option.

3 Station Malibu Comfort Series


A simple yet elegant trailer restroom, this 3 Station features three private suites equipped with all the amenities of a home bathroom. Compact yet mighty, this efficient option is ideal for a wide variety of businesses with a casual environment.

4 Station Combo Classic Series

If you are in the market for trailer restrooms with shower options included, the 4 Station Classic is a perfect choice. This is when a climate controlled environment comes in handy. Leaving the shower when it’s cold is no fun! Ensure that guests using these fully equipped suites have a comfortable experience with the 3 season package add-on. 

5 Station Calypso Series

medium trailer restrooms

For larger crowds, the 5 Station Calypso Series is equipped with a higher capacity without sacrificing high design and elegance. Perfect for venues with a higher level of class and elegance, this is a trailer restroom that will compliment any atmosphere.

10 Station Coastal Series

This 10 station is equipped to handle large crowds. If your business sees a high volume of visitors, has hundreds of employees, or operates a large venue, the Coastal Series comes highly recommended. Designed with a taste of the sea, it’s one of our trailer restrooms that is intended to impress high-end guests.