What is your best childhood memory? For most, it's going to include some type of sport, game or activity. Perhaps you loved little league or Pop Warner football? Or maybe you were more of a kickball/dodgeball player. As children, we don't realize just how full of adventure we really are. The need to go get dirty, scrape our knees and pushing the limits is essential to growing up. It’s unfortunate, but most of us lose that drive to just get out and play! What you learn while playing sports is fundamental for adult life. You learn discipline, commitment, communication and most importantly, how to get along with others. This is a skill that is more important than most in the tech society we live in. We are happy to partner with so many sports programs to provide bathroom rentals for their athletes.

No matter your age, your goals, or your career, it is important to stay active, and when you or a loved one is out playing on the field, a restroom option will eventually be necessary. In the sports industry, our shower trailers are very popular. They provide athletes with an accessible restroom option that includes a shower, so after practice or the big game, they can get rinsed off and clean.

We recently partnered with the Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, a great local business that provides lessons for students at every level. They needed to expand their restrooms to host a three-day event, and knew they wanted to provide guests with an elevated experience. Bathroom rentals would be the perfect solution for them.

Event Solutions with Bathroom Rentals

When we heard about their need for restroom space that allowed for higher volume use, we were able to suggest the 8 Station Classic Series. This unit was an ideal fit for their temporary restroom need because it is compact, comfortable, and allows for large restroom visitation throughout the day. 

8 station bathroom rentals

This bathroom rental features a men’s and women’s suite. The women’s suite is fitted with a central powder room accented with a large two sink vanity, shatterproof mirror, and a paper towel and hand dryer option. Four stalls are available for use with study privacy walls and the space to use the facilities comfortably. 

The men’s suite of our bathroom rentals is equipped with two privacy stalls and two urinals. Both suites feature soft lighting, an elegant black and white interior design, and flushable china toilets, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and elegant experience. For this trailer, ambiance is an important factor as this is a unit fit for upscale events and visitors with a high caliber.

Another important feature of this portable restroom trailer is the ability to control the interior climate. Our restroom rentals always include air conditioning and heat strips to ensure that the temperature is comfortable no matter what the weather. For colder climates, the trailer also includes electric cabinet mounted heaters. We can guarantee that the gymnasts and guests had the very best restroom experience during their event.

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upscale bathroom rentals

We are always happy to leave a customer satisfied. With Gymnastics Center of Chattanooga, we were able to provide them with a bathroom rental that fits their needs, easily accommodating their volume of usage while providing a shower facility that serves their city’s homeless community.

With our continued success partnering with such a diverse range of companies, we are confident in our ability to help those who may have a restroom need in the future. Tell us about your business. Do you hire temporary or seasonal staff? Have a venue or facility that needs more restroom access. How about a nonprofit organization that services those in need? If so, we are here to help you solve all of your restroom problems with a restroom or shower trailer rental that fits your specific needs. With basic to luxury designs, small to large in size, we have the restroom or shower trailer that is perfectly equipped for your exact needs! Browse Available Now trailers to find a fit for you.