What is your best childhood memory? For most, it's going to include some type of sport, game or activity. Perhaps you loved little league or Pop Warner football? Or maybe you were more of a kickball/dodgeball player. As children, we don't realize just how full of adventure we really are, and when a business chooses to take on all that young energy and put it into fun, engaging activities, our bathroom rentals are one small tool that keeps them running. 

No matter your age, your goals, or your career, it is important to stay active, and when you or a loved one is out playing on the field, a restroom option will eventually be necessary. In the sports and adventure industries, a variety of our trailers, including bathroom and showers, are very popular. They provide athletes with an accessible restroom option so after practice or the big game, they can get rinsed off and clean.

KOA Sports is one of those places that has kept the active lifestyle alive during COVID-19. They provide so many communities, with safe, socially distanced activities that get all that quarantined energy out. We were happy to take their call when they needed bathroom rentals at one of their locations.

An Active Solution with Bathroom Rentals

KOA Sports needed bathroom rentals that could expand their brick-and-mortar restroom to allow for proper social distancing. They only needed a little bit more wiggle room, so after browsing some options, we recommended the 4 Station Calypso Series.

Calypso series bathroom rentals

This rental, measuring 13 feet with a 150 gallon fresh water tank and 395 gallon waste tank, is compact but mighty. It can service up to 350 visitors before requiring maintenance, which allows the company’s employees to use the restroom comfortably and whenever they need it.

Inside this Calypso Series portable bathroom rental, guests will find four private bathrooms: two for women and one for men. All restrooms are designed with style in mind, showcasing earth tone interiors with modern flooring and color coordinated surfaces. They also include water saving flushable toilets, a sink vanity with a shatterproof mirror, hand dryer, and paper towels.

To ensure safe entry, the porch to each of the bathroom rental’s entry doors is equipped with ample lighting for easy access no matter what time, day or night. The entry ways have two sturdy aluminum steps and railing for additional safety.

The men’s suite of this portable restroom rental is versatile with a toilet and urinal option.To ensure the entire unit maintains a comfortable climate, air conditioning and heat strips are installed and able to adjust the temperature so that outdoor weather does not affect the interior’s experience. As an added measure, insulated walls and ceiling surround the entire unit, further aiding in keeping the interior temperature just right.

Overall, this is a versatile unit that worked perfectly for KOA Sports and their guests, who are happy to be able to “go” safely and comfortably.

The New Bathroom Rentals Cleaning Process

portable bathrooms

During the rise of COVID-19, we partnered with Green Home Solutions, an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered cleaning service that specializes in bacteria disinfection. Learn about their company and cleaning process and order your bathroom rentals with the confidence that the portable bathrooms coming your way are sanitized and ready for immediate use.

The Green Home Solutions Process

The Green Home Solutions product, called Oceanic, killed 570 pathogen in under 10 minutes when tested by the EPA. It has successfully treated COVID-19 as well and is now the product used to disinfect our portable bathrooms.

We are proud to partner with a small, locally-owned business that prioritizes effective disinfection without harsh chemicals. Learn a little bit about them:

“Russ Weldon founded Green Home Solutions and serves as the Chief Cultural Officer and Visionary of our indoor air quality company. With an entrepreneurial drive, Russ has been starting successful businesses since his teens. After selling his 450-store franchise in 2012, he was looking for a new opportunity. Green Home Solutions grew out of his desire to provide products that keep homes free from mold.

As Green Home Solutions grew, he realized this business was more than just a way to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dream of business ownership. It gave him a chance to have a positive impact on the planet today and for generations to come.

At Green Home Solutions, we don’t believe that fixing these problems means you have to introduce harsh chemicals into the environment or to your family, pets and home. We don’t use harsh chemicals. The health and safety of your family is always our goal. The products we use in our services are selected with that in mind.”

When we hired Green Home Solutions, they told us about their cleaning process. This is what you can expect every portable bathroom in our rental inventory to go through before shipping.

  1. The Green Home team sets up personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies
  2. The team puts on PPE prior to entering the portable bathrooms, including full mask, suit and gloves.
  3. Confirm that all people are out of the service area and ensure that no one enters while the trailer is being serviced.
  4. Once everyone is out of the service area, the team begins to wipe down all touch surfaces & high contact surfaces with GHS “Beyond Green All-Purpose Cleaner” including door, doorknobs, handles, seats, and sinks.
  5. Remove, contain and dispose of all cleaning materials (rags, towels, cloths).
  6. Spray all surfaces and contents with Oceanic via the Fogmaster sprayer.
  7. Allow a minimum of 2 hours after treatment prior to re-entry. Note – reentry time can be reduced with ventilation of the area after required dwell time. 

This hospital-grade technique ensures that all bacteria are removed from the portable bathrooms. After finishing the process, the rentals are ready for our clients. Rest assured, any portable bathrooms coming from us will be processed by the Green Home Solutions team and will not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Get Your Bathroom Rentals Today

10 station portable bathroom

We pride ourselves on creating portable bathroom rentals that are like no other in our industry. These rentals are equipped with all of the amenities of a brick and mortar bathroom and we put an emphasis on ambiance and clean design as well. 

Portable restroom rentals serve a wide variety of needs, from emergency relief to business operations to weddings. Think about your upcoming projects. Is there a need for a portable restroom rental? If so, drop us a line! We would love to discuss your project and start putting together the perfect rental package for you. Contact us and start the process today.