A product’s value is often measured by its durability. It’s a sure way to test the quality and longevity of a tool. When making big purchases for your business, it’s so important to make sure you invest in the highest quality products and get bang for your buck. Imagine a tool for your business that is so durable and high-quality, you could take a sledge hammer to it. That is the selling point of our newest bathroom trailers line, the Tradewinds Series!

As we continue to expand our inventory of innovative portable restrooms, our next challenge was to create a trailer that’s a fit for every industry, every job, and every event. Over the years, we have developed and manufactured a wide variety of restroom trailers, pushing our industry to get more creative and high-end. The Tradewinds Series brings the best of both rugged durability and flexible design, making it a fit for construction sites, weddings, and everything in between.

We currently have a variety of bathroom trailers from the Tradewinds collection available now. Check out these options below, and contact our sales team to get your elegant restroom today! 

5 Station Maritime Pro Series

medium bathroom trailers

A well-designed addition to our bathroom trailers collection, the 5 Station Maritime Pro Series is an option that can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your needs. It’s a flexible option that can welcome everyone from your interns to executives, as well as important clients and guests.

ADA +2 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series

Accessible bathrooms

Ensuring that your venue is accessible and inclusive should be a priority for every owner and manager. Our brand has prioritized manufacturing ADA-compliant options that can complement any work or event environment, and the Seabreeze Luxury Series is ready for your VIP crowds. Designed to impress executives, gala attendees, and more, these private suites ensure everyone feels comfortable.

9 Station Maritime Pro Series

9 station bathroom trailers

Simplicity at its finest, the minimalist 9 Station Maritime Pro Series is a blank canvas ready to be artfully customized by your needs. It’s one of our bathroom trailers that can handle large crowds with ease and is fit for a variety of ambiances. 

ADA +2 Station Maritime Pro Series

Maritime Pro bathroom trailers

This second available ADA-compliant bathroom trailer has become known for its understated elegance in the industry. Providing private restroom suites that can welcome any guest, the black and white interior design scheme is an instant classic that will elevate visitor experience. 

The Tradewinds collection can guarantee that every detail of your venue has been looked over and approved as an elevated experience, even when doing something as mundane as using the restroom. Shop the available options above, and learn more about this groundbreaking collection of bathroom trailers here.

Questions? Feel free to contact us and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist!