When you think of shower trailer rentals, you probably don’t conjure up images of astounding natural beauty.  But, then again, maybe you should.  As PRT has learned over the last several years, our industry-leading restroom trailers are right at home among some of the most beautiful natural scenery that America has to offer.
Sprawling across the Sierra Nevada mountain range lies one of our country’s most prized natural resources.  Sequoia National Park is home to the infamous “Giant Forest” of sequoia trees, and the General Sherman Tree – the largest living tree in the world.
Sequoia National Park.jpeg
More than a million adventurers visit the park each year.  When you consider that the park spans more than 400,000 acres and keeps a staff of hundreds working all year long – you can see how managing the shower trailers might start to become a real challenge.

Shower Trailer Rentals for Remote Locations

When you’re introducing a shower trailer in a remote location, there are some additional concerns that you don’t typically consider for an urban or suburban location.  Accessibility for maintenance and pumping, durability in harsh conditions, and trailer security must all be taken into account.
In a setting like Sequoia National Park, mobility is also a major concern, as large working teams routinely move from one location to another.  And during the busy summertime season, large crowds can spring up in various locations throughout the park.
After weighing their requirements against the benefits of several different options, the management of Sequoia National Park decided to contact PRT.  They wanted to discuss the possibility of a long-term rental agreement for a special need of theirs – highly mobile shower trailer rentals that include a hot shower.

PRT’s 6 Station Shower/Restroom Combo

6 Station Portable Restroom Combo Shower Trailer For Rent.pngOur 6 station shower/restroom combo proved to be a great fit for the needs of the staff at Sequoia National Park.  These trailers offer 6 separate unisex stalls, each with a private toilet, sink, and hot water shower.
When visitors enter the stall through the private, locking exterior doorway they are greeted by an array of high-end features that provide cleanliness and comfort.  The full-size 32x32-inch shower stalls are a single piece of molded acrylic, separated from the changing area by a privacy curtain.  The changing area features a flushable china toilet, a shatter-proof vanity mirror, and a corner sink.
The instant hot water is powered by dual propane tanks which together provide enough fuel to heat 700 short showers.  Low-profile heat strips and a roof-mounted air conditioner are available for additional comfort through all four seasons.

Shower Trailer Rental on the Move

One of the biggest requirements for Sequoia National Park was mobility.  They need to be able to move all shower trailer rentals regularly from one place to another, to follow work crews as they move around the park.
Our simple “hitch & tow” design means you can move a PRT trailer anytime with a standard powered trailer hitch.  With standard ball sizes and an electric braking system, moving our trailers from one location to another is as easy as it can be.  Contact our customer satisfaction team anytime at (877) 600-8645 to request specifications for tongue weight, curb weight and trailer dimensions.
Clients with exceptionally big sites have been some of the best early adopters of PRT’s new Smarter Restrooms Mobile App.  Our app includes visual GPS-tracking on all compatible shower trailer rentals, along with the ability to remotely lock the unit, check tank levels, and more.

Long-Term Partnerships – A PRT Passion

At PRT, one of our most important business metrics is repeat business.  Every time a customer calls us back to place a repeat order, we celebrate.  We know that the confidence and appreciation of our clients is our single biggest business asset, and we work hard to uphold a gold standard of customer satisfaction for each one of our customers.
We were very pleased to hear from Sequoia National Forest recently that they will be extending their long-term rental agreement with PRT.  We are honored to be a partner in the ongoing success of our national park system, and we’re looking forward to exceeding the expectations of the Sequoia National Forest staff for another term.
If you’re interested in joining the family of satisfied PRT customers, please get in touch with us by phone or using the contact form on our website.  Someone from our dedicated customer satisfaction team will be happy to review your requirements and discuss the many different options PRT provides for shower trailer rentals and financing plans.