Brooks offers VIP Trailers to Runners

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Brooks offers VIP Trailers to Runners

Those of you who are runners will appreciate this…

Brooks, the apparel and shoe company, came up with a “compensation” idea to market their merchandise, as well as encourage runners and create a little fun. What they did was provide a “VIP Porta Potty” at marathons across the nation.

After researching what the runners hate about running at marathons, Brooks came up with the “VIP Porta Potty”. These luxurious portable restroom trailers are only available to runners who wear any type of Brooks apparel or shoes at the marathon. And these runners are treated like royalty! Not only do the portable restroom trailers offer heat, running water, and a clean experience, but they are roped off and a red carpet is rolled out, music is played, and a “concierge” service is provided.

After the first trial with the portable restroom trailers, Brooks got such an overwhelming positive response that they have since expanded them from six luxury stalls to fourteen. The geniuses behind the marketing ploy have proven to be both clever and witty.

Who says execs can’t have a little fun?!?

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