We’ve stepped into November, the beginning of a very busy time of year. We’ve already passed the end of Daylight Savings (Hopefully everyone remembered!), but there are still some important and fun things to remember to do throughout November. Here’s a quick checklist of some of those items:

  •  Find a veteran and honor them for Veteran’s Day. Show them your appreciation by thanking them. TheriStock_000017668553XSmalle are numerous organizations for veterans throughout the country that will be having a celebration or event to honor them. Any type of participation would undoubtedly be welcomed.
  •  If you have health insurance, check open enrollment rules and restrictions. Make sure you are aware of any changes being made to your current plan, and if you have to make changes, confirm the deadline date. If you are changing insurance carriers, you can check out different companies and see how they compare at www.HealthPlanRankings.ncqa.org.
  •  Donate any unused or unwanted Halloween candy. Many food pantries will accept leftover Halloween candy so they can hand it out to families who can’t afford to buy any. There are also many companies and organizations that will collect unused candy and ship it to soldiers overseas for a special treat.
  •  Start planning holiday events. The time is now to begin planning for holiday parties, guests who will be staying at your place, and other types of events. One of the most important details in planning a successful event is making sure that the guests are comfortable. In order to keep them comfortable, you‘ll need to provide adequate and clean restroom accommodations. The key to that is a restroom trailer. Restroom trailers are an economical, practical, and convenient solution to the problem of how to please a crowd. You will have peace of mind while your guests are guaranteed to feel pampered.

Although the first week of November has blown by, there’s still time to check some of these items off the list. And even if at the last minute you realize you forgot to reserve a restroom trailer, give us a call and we’ll do our best to find the perfect one for you.

Happy November!