Recently, Portable Restroom Trailers was contacted by a representative from the government of a suburban county on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.  The county was on the market for a new portable restroom solution, and they heard about PRT from a local contact in the event rentals industry.
For years, the county had regularly rented portable restrooms to accommodate their busy summer event schedule.  After taking a closer look at the expense of repeat rentals versus the cost of investing in their own portable restroom trailers – they decided to give us a call and open a dialogue about the possibility of purchasing a trailer or two.

Accommodating Big Summer Crowds with Portable Restroom Trailers

This particular county plays host to an impressive schedule of free public events every summer.  They have a regular schedule of themed family events that take place in the county park system.  They host art and sculpture exhibits in various parks and town centers.  There is a weekly outdoor movie at an amphitheater in the county every Saturday night.  And once a month on Fridays, they host big outdoor music concerts in the county seat.
In the past, they had always relied on rented portable restrooms to accommodate the crowds at their summer events.  But, as you would expect, they ran into occasional issues around maintenance, capacity, and rental availability.  The county had also received more than a few complaints from citizens with special needs about the inconvenience and discomfort of trying to manage their private matters in the very public setting of a traditional portable restroom.

The Requirements – Clean, Accessible Comfort with Low Maintenance

The first requirement that the county communicated to us was accessibility.  They specifically wanted trailers that would provide privacy and comfort for citizens with special needs – within the legal boundaries of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Portable Restroom Trailers offers a wide range of ADA-compliant trailers in various floor plans and trim options.  Our ADA trailers feature a folding ramp system with stainless steel railing – and the interior of the ADA stall allows a full 360-degree turning radius for wheelchairs.
The second requirement was for air conditioning.  After all, this county is in Georgia – and the trailers would be used primarily for summertime events.  Our Elite Series trailers feature a low-profile 9 BTU roof-mounted air conditioning system, so this requirement was no problem.  The county was also pleased to learn that the Elite Series also features an optional hot water hand wash setup – which they wanted in order to comply with CDC hand-washing recommendations.

Finally, the county wanted to ensure that they wouldn’t have any problems because of freezing temperatures – whether the trailers were in storage or brought out for use during the occasional winter event.  This was less of a concern than the air conditioning requirement, but they do receive the occasional light frost between November and March – and they wanted to make sure that they wouldn’t have any unexpected maintenance issues as a result.  Our Arctic Package met this requirement with full insulation throughout the unit, and 1500 kw heaters in each suite for wintertime operation.

Finding the Right Financing

After walking through all the requirements and specifications, the county requested some detailed information on our Elite Series ADA-Compliant portable restroom trailers with the optional Arctic Package.  They took the details back to be considered by their purchasing committee, along with information on our 6 month buy back policy, our extended warranty program, and our various financing arrangements including long-term rentals, and our lease-to-own program.
The county’s purchasing committee came back with a quick decision.  After weighing the cost of investing in new portable restroom trailers against the long-term cost of their rental agreements – they decided to invest in their own trailers.  The required investment was low enough that the county opted to purchase the trailers outright rather than enroll in our lease-to-own program.
We delivered two Elite ADA Trailers with the Arctic Package in early 2017.  We’re very excited to start receiving feedback from the county representatives as their summer event schedule gets underway.  We know they will be thrilled with our ongoing customer service, and we’re happy to welcome another satisfied customer to the Portable Restroom Trailers family.