Camping out is one of the oldest recreational activities in the world.  Over the past few decades, Americans have made some major updates to the traditional camping experience – with one of the biggest improvements coming from updated restroom facilities like those available in PRT’s inventory of portable restroom trailers for sale.
Every summer, families around the country pack up and head out to their favorite outdoor destinations to get back in touch with the natural world around them and experience some well-deserved rest and relaxation out under the sun and stars.  It’s a time-honored tradition; and one could make the argument that it has become more beneficial than ever in the age of the internet and digital technology.
Among outdoors enthusiasts – everyone has their own style of camping.  Some people prefer primitive tent camping with as few modern conveniences as possible.  Some people enjoy RV camping with a satellite television and air conditioning. And still others prefer to go “glamping” in luxurious cabins with plush furniture and fully equipped kitchens.
But whatever their personal camping style, there is one modern convenience that every camper appreciates – clean and comfortable restrooms.  And that’s the reason why so many campers have become raving fans of PRT and our lineup of portable restroom trailers for sale.

A Big Upgrade for One of Michigan’s Favorite Campgrounds

Near the east coast of Lake Michigan, about an hour outside of Grand Rapids, you’ll find a campground that has been a favorite destination of mid-western families for decades.  The campground is situated around the perimeter of a large private lake, and it offers an array of leisurely activities with something to entertain every family for days on end.
The 14-acre lake is stocked with freshwater gamefish, and the resort offers canoes, kayaks, rowboats, and paddle boats for rent.  There is a large athletic field with a volleyball court, a basketball court, and a playground for the little ones. There are plenty of less intensive games like horseshoes and badminton for the older crowd.  On rainy days, kids can stay occupied in the indoor game room.
For those looking for even bigger adventures, the campground is less than 15 minutes from the famous Michigan’s Adventure water park.  It’s less than 15 minutes away from the east coast of Lake Michigan, with guided fishing expeditions and sightseeing tours available all summer long.  And it’s less than 15 minutes away from downtown Muskegon – with its art galleries, historic sites, a charming shopping district, and the USS Silversides Submarine Museum.

Upgrading the Campground Experience with Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale

The campground was sold prior to the 2018 camping season, and the new owners immediately started looking for ways to upgrade and improve the experience of their guests.  While the campground was already very nice, with a full set of amenities including an onsite camp store, a luxurious clubhouse, and free wi-fi for all guests – they did identify one key change that would be a major improvement for some of their campsites.
The campground’s 100 campsites and 6 cabins are spread out along one road that winds around the perimeter of the lake.  Altogether, that road is roughly a half-mile long. While the existing bath house was satisfactory, it was a long walk from some of the campsites; and some guests had complained that it was too far to walk at night.  The new ownership listened closely to the feedback of their guests, and they decided to make a few changes to the restroom accommodations at their campground.
They certainly succeeded in improving their guests’ access to clean and comfortable restrooms at the campground.  Not only did they remodel the existing bath house, but they also decided to add a second restroom to cut down the distance that guests on the far side of the lake would need to walk.  In order to get the new restroom up and running as quickly as possible, they reached out to PRT to discuss the possibility of using one of our portable restroom trailers for sale. We were glad to help, and together we found a unit that was a great match for the campground’s requirements.

A Simple Solution for Comfortable Camping

After talking through the owner’s expectations for foot traffic and their requirements for connectivity and mobility – we identified a great solution in a 2-station unit from our Comfort Series of portable restroom trailers for sale.  The unit we selected has two dedicated suites – one for men and one for women – and it’s built with the toughest materials to endure the busy summer camping season with minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Both stalls are equipped with an authentic flushable china toilet, making this unit less like an outhouse and more like a brick and mortar bathroom.  The interior of the trailer is built with durable white fiberglass panels, with a lockable wall-to-wall vanity on the back wall. An under-mount sink rests inside the solid surface countertop, with a large shatterproof glass mirror above.  Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers come preinstalled. And the entryways for both suites feature dual safety handrails and bright LED porch lights for safe entry and exit at any time of day or night.
To ensure that guests have a comfortable and relaxing experience all season long, the unit is equipped with a roof-mounted air conditioner and electric heat strips.  The temperature can be controlled with a simple thermostat that is mounted to the wall in the onboard mechanical room. For clients in extremely cold climates, our portable restroom trailers for sale are also available with a ducted 40k BTU liquid propane furnace – just ask your representative for details.

Learn More About PRT’s Portable Restroom Trailers for Sale

If you’re on the market for a luxurious and convenient alternative to a traditional brick and mortar restroom, let us show you our extensive inventory of portable restroom trailers for sale.  We have trailers ranging from compact single stall units all the way up to 20-stall units and larger.  And our inventory includes a range complementary resources like portable shower trailers, laundry trailers, and much more.
We have several different financing options to choose from, with a solution to match almost any budget.  We offer short-term and long-term rental agreements, a popular lease-to-own program, and competitive rate financing with an easy approval process.  Give us a call today at (877) 600-8645 to find your perfect solution from our huge selection of portable restroom trailers for sale.