Employee care has become more and more of a priority for companies nationwide. Good leadership realizes the value of good staff, and making sure that they are well taken care of not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well, is what makes a company successful.

EXeLON Nuclear Power realizes this as well and has made the move to ensure that employee health in the workplace is a top priority. They are making this happen with a decon trailer. As a nuclear power plant, their staff often comes in contact with toxins that can be harmful to humans, not only while at work, but in the community as well.

Owning a decon trailer allows the company to have peace of mind about keeping employees healthy while working and also guaranteeing that these harmful fumes aren’t carried to their homes, stores, and other offsite locations. See how the decon trailer works and why it has made EXeLON a healthier place to work.


When working on a nuclear power plant, workers will inevitably come in contact with toxins like radioactivity. In order to keep these workers safe, the decon trailer was invented. It ensures that these harmful toxins are properly washed away, handled, and disposed off in a safe manner. Here’s how:

Step one: after the work day is finished, employees enter the back end of the decon trailer and are able to undress in a private environment. They leave their contaminated work clothes in this private room for proper cleaning.

Step two: employees enter the next room, where showers are provided. They are able to wash themselves to ensure that any contaminated soot left on their bodies is properly cleaned off.

Step three: the employees then enter the clean room, where lockers with clean clothing and their belongings await. They exit the front end of the decon trailer ready to head home and relax.

This concept has allowed workers to get those more toxic jobs done without harming themselves or taking those toxins home to their loved ones. It has changed the game for EXeLON, along with businesses in other industries that work with potentially contaminated worksites, like the military and homeland security.


Many don’t realize not only how toxic some of these chemicals can be, but also do not know how common they are. When it comes to construction, many buildings that were erected in the mid-1900s and earlier contain one, if not many toxins like asbestos and lead. Nuclear plants handle radioactivity and must ensure that these toxins don't leak into the community.

The decon trailer ensures that the job can get done without sacrificing employee health and care. They are able to work in harsh environments, and then make sure that toxins are washed away and not carried into their homes. When working on a potentially harmful worksite, we highly recommend the use of a decon trailer to keep your employees and their homes safe.


Now that you know the value of using a decon trailer on toxic worksites, we have options for you to choose from when you’re ready to purchase!

For a smaller volume of employees that need access to the decon trailer, consider the 2 Station Decon Trailer. It comes with two private shower stations and can handle a smaller crowd.

For larger companies, the 4 Station Decon Trailer is best. With four private shower stalls, it can handle a bigger employee number.

Ready to purchase? Get in touch with our sales team. They are ready to assist with questions, thoughts, and needs as your prepare for the arrival of your decon trailer purchase.