Tonight is the final night of the Democratic National Convention. Thousands of delegates, superdelegates, and constituents descended on Philadelphia to cast their votes for the democratic nominee. A historical event, because for the first time a women will accept the democratic nomination for president of the United States of America. Very exciting, but just as exciting are the $300 million expected to pour into the city, according to convention organizers and city leaders.
Committee leaders have made quite a statement with the decision to offer a large piece of that money to ethnic minorities, women, and LGBT-owned businesses. “Giving contracts to ethnic minorities, women, and LGBT-owned businesses aligns with the values of the Democratic party, and is an especially high priority since these groups make up its voter base,” says Reverend Leah Daughtry, CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee. The committee has pledged to give at least 35 percent of its contracts to these groups. “When we talk about diversity and inclusion, it’s not just about voting, but about where we spend our dollars,” says Daughtry, according to The Atlantic.
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"This is our greatest Non Endorsement of a candidate"