Every year, we meet a client who needs something that we have never done before, and we love it. When someone comes to us with a new idea for our restroom trailers, it’s an opportunity for us to grow what we have to offer and change the game in our industry. From break rooms to locker rooms, laundry options to decontamination trailers, we have gotten to expand as a business thanks to crafty clients like you. Now tried and true, the portable shower trailer collection started as one of these crazy ideas.

While some said it was impossible, we knew that with determination, creativity, and a little thinking outside the box, anything could be accomplished. We partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to create a line of portable shower trailer units that satisfies every need. So what is a portable shower trailer? How does it work? And realistically, who benefits from the existence of this unique portable restroom option?

Below, we properly introduce our line of portable shower trailers. See how they work and what they can do to benefit your business or community!

Get to Know Our Shower Trailers

When the need for onsite showers arises, it may be difficult to weigh your options as they are limited. Portable showers exist, but are often limited in design. The showers themselves offer little to no privacy and are often difficult to set up, move, or use.

Our portable shower trailer units are a unique solution. With units that service up to 10 at a time, we are proud to provide a unique line of shower trailers that work well for a variety of industries. Our showers have been used for diverse needs, like campsites, sporting arenas, temporary worksites, and more. 

shower trailer combo

Portable shower trailer owners will be pleased to find the interiors of our options do not feel like a temporary shower solution at all. We ensure that our shower trailers are comfortable, cleanly designed, and inviting. Non Slip designer flooring is used throughout the bottom of the unit. Visitors stay comfortable while using the shower with insulated walls and ceiling. Air conditioning and heat strips further control the interior climate for comfort.

There’s nothing worse than a cold shower! Our trailers are equipped to ensure that water temperature is properly monitored and that all visitors enjoy the comfortable shower they deserve.

An additional perk that we have to offer is our ability to customize a trailer to fit your needs. From a shower/ restroom trailer combo to shower/ break room combos, no idea is too out of reach. If you are looking for a trailer that requires a little customization, get in touch with our sales team. They are always excited to hear about a new and creative shower trailer option.

Get Your Shower Trailer

Our portable shower trailer units are a solution for a variety of industries. Nonprofits have provided showers for the homeless, disaster relief, and others in need. First responders use them when needed while battling wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Upscale units are used at pools and country clubs to provide a nearby shower option for visitors. Many labor intensive industries, like construction and farming, enjoy having an accessible shower option for staff during extreme weather months.

No matter what your needs may be, we have the solution you’re looking for with a portable shower trailer. Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at some of the trailers that we have to offer, browse our full collection here to find a perfect fit for you. Have a question? The sales team is here to help! Feel free to drop them a line.