Donald Trump Announces Indiana Governor, Mike Pence as Vice President Candidate in New York
Gov.-Mike-Pence.jpgImage courtesy of The Wrap

On Saturday morning in New York City,  Donald Trump said Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be "my partner" in a fight to change the United States by rebuilding the manufacturing sector at home and fighting terrorism from abroad.
Here is some background information on Mike Pence, he is 57 years old, elected the Governor of Indiana in 2012, served 6 terms in the House of Representatives, married 31 years, with 3 children.  Mike Pence stated on Saturday, “In Indiana we prove everyday that you can build a growing economy on balanced budgets, low taxes even while making record investments in education, roads, and healthcare. We like to say Indiana is a state that works. And it does”. With a 2 billion dollar surplus, the highest credit rating and a record low unemployment rate, the stats prove it. Indiana businesses have created 150,000 net new jobs, a record in the 200 year history of the Hoosier State.

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"This is our greatest Non Endorsement of a candidate"