As a leader in the restroom trailer business, we get to see a wide variety of events each year. For event professionals, nothing is better than that feeling of success when you see smiles on your guests’ faces. It proves that you’ve successfully created an experience that made a positive impact on the community - you created memories that may never fade. 

Everything that you do leading up to event day matters. From finding the perfect venue to ensuring all necessary amenities are onsite, it is crucial to think of every need your guests may have. 

With the new COVID-19 and the usual colds, flus, and more we see during each season, it is important to provide crowds with the sanitation necessary to maintain a happy, healthy community. This includes having amenities that allow guests to enjoy a clean bathroom experience from beginning to end.

Hand washing can be a huge preventative measure against spreading disease. The large crowds we see at events can become high risk as having so many people in a small location can spread disease faster. Hand washing allows individuals to take a preventative measure against spreading any bacteria they may carry.

So how do you provide this amenity in an outdoor setting? We have created a solution in addition to sinks included with each restroom trailer. Discover the Handwashing Trailer, how it works, and how it can help to keep your attendees safe and healthy at your next event!

Upgrade Your Restroom Trailer with Handwashing Stations

Make sure you’ve thought of every need at your outdoor event with the Handwashing Trailer. This option pairs perfectly with all of our restroom trailer options, adding a health conscious measure that can prevent the spread of diseases.

Our Handwashing Trailer comes in a variety of sizes, including 8 Station, 10 Station, 12 Station, and 14 Station. The trailer is fully equipped with all of the amenities of a home sink and vanity.


This includes LP on demand hot water heaters as well as dual mounted propane tanks. Options range from compact to large and each hand wash station includes all the necessities for superb sanitation including paper towel and foaming soap dispensers. Your guests will thank you for helping them stay safe and clean!

Pair this trailer with your choice of restroom trailer options from small to large. Depending on your crowd, the sinks included in your restroom trailer may simply not be enough. Perhaps you’re expecting longer restroom lines or very busy restrooms. Create extra space, comfort, and access with the Handwashing Trailer!

Get Your Handwashing Trailer

Providing your guest with Handwashing Trailers in addition to your event’s restroom trailer can ensure that your attendees leave happy and healthy. If you are ready to book your trailer, request a quote and a member of our knowledgeable staff will help you through the process.

Have a few more questions before booking? Contact us and find out more about the rental or purchase process.