Myth: Flies are harmless insects.
Fact: Flies are not so innocent!
Common household flies are annoying, but seem rather harmless, right? WRONG! puts it simply: The most common of flies doesn’t have a biting mouth, but rather a sponge-like mouth. When it lands on something, it spits out saliva and digestive juices and then soaks up the combination of that plus whatever juices it can suck up from its source. The problem is that flies are attracted to food, garbage, sewage, feces, rotting animals, etc. When a fly lands, it lands to not only to eat, but also to clean itself off by rubbing its legs together. So when a fly lands on the wall, you, or your food, it’s leaving us a load of dangerous germs and bacteria.
Aside from all of the “obvious” reasons for not wanting to step foot inside a common porta potty, flies are one more reason to stay out. Have you ever stepped inside one of those hot, stinky, dirty portable toilets to find tons of flies buzzing around? That’s because the conditions are perfect for flies to thrive. But just think about what they’re spreading every time they land!
Next time you plan an event where you’ll need a porta potty, think about renting a portable restroom trailer instead. You’ll avoid a “perfect storm” by having a clean, fresh, climate controlled environment. You won’t have to think twice about who you’re sharing your portable restroom trailer with!