Whether you’re renting a portable restroom trailer for an extravagant event, or just for a renovation, you can add a personal touch both inside and out to give the restroom trailer a homier feel. You may want to add something more elaborate for a formal event, or something more casual for a relaxed private atmosphere. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a little extra personality.portable restroom trailer
For big events, you can opt for an amenities basket full of “supplies” inside both the men’s and women’s portable bathroom. For women, it often consists of mints, bobby pins, personal “effects”, hair spray, deodorant, and maybe a body spray. For men, it might contain mints, deodorant, hair spray or gel, a small bottle of cologne, and maybe some small wash cloths. You can also decorate with fresh flowers, tissues, or hand lotion.
If you’re using the portable restroom trailer in place of your own bathroom due to a more personal reason such as renovations, you might just want to spruce it up or add some zest. You can enhance the interior with flowers, plants, a small picture, glass jar filled with seashells, or your favorite hand towel on the vanity, some magazines, or even a scented candle.
You can easily enhance the exterior of your portable restroom trailer by adding plants, lights, balloons, or other decorations to fit the occasion. Whatever you do, have fun with it, go crazy (not too crazy), and make it your own!