Great Deals with Used Portable Restrooms

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Great Deals with Used Portable Restrooms

Every savvy business owner stays on the lookout for a great deal. If there is a way to grow, support, or operate in a more efficient way without breaking the bank, why not go for it? When it comes to upscale portable restroom options, our used restroom trailers are just that. A great deal at a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality or design.

Why shop used portable restrooms? For many small or family-owned businesses, maximizing every dollar is a top priority. The better you spend, the less profit loss and more potential for gain from a good investment. Used restroom trailers are one of those investments. By spending money wisely to provide optimized portable restrooms for your guests, clients, employees, or customers, you can leave a lasting and positive impression that is sure to keep them coming back.

If you are looking to invest in an upgraded portable restroom option and want some serious bang for your buck, our used portable restrooms are the solution you’re looking for. Take a look at what we currently have in stock below. Shop quickly - these deals will not last!

Available Used Portable Restrooms


small used portable restrooms

If you are in the market for something small and versatile, the 2 Station Cabo Series is a great affordable option. This unit is compact but mighty, servicing a crowd of up to 125 with ease. Add in that each suite is fully equipped with a toilet and shower, and you have a restroom that provides all the amenities of a brick-and-mortar option! 


formal used portable restrooms

For venues that see slightly larger crowds and want to provide a touch of high-end design for guests, see the 3 Station Tropic Series. With our luxury used portable bathrooms, we took time with interior design, ensuring that this unit is not only built with the best equipment in the industry but with an added touch of elegance as well. 


medium used portable bathrooms

For those anticipating up to 550 guests, the 5 Station Maritime Pro Series is a fantastic option. Specifically created to dress up or dress down depending on your industry needs, this is the versatile choice that will impress guests from constriction sites to company parties.


large used portable bathrooms

For large buildings, offices, or venues that want used restroom trailers that are more adaptable to their needs than ever before, see the 10 Station Calypso Series. This large used portable restroom is equipped to handle your large staff of up to 750 people. Maintain the comfortable atmosphere of your working space with this well-designed option! 

Get Your Used Bathroom Trailer

Now that you’ve had some time to browse a few of our used portable restrooms, consider how they can benefit your business. Perhaps you have an outdoor location that needs comfortable restrooms. Maybe the brick-and-mortar restroom option is too small for your higher volume of users. Upgrading restrooms can be expensive - a solution could be a bathroom extension with a restroom trailer.

No matter the need, our goal is to supply you with the best deals on the market. Continue to browse our used restroom trailers here. Need a little assistance? Contact us and get all of your questions answered. 

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