The restroom rentals business is a wide-ranging industry with many different niches and specializations.  At PRT we have a unique role in the big picture.  We serve as a hub of sorts, connecting players from every nook and cranny of the industry.  We work with original equipment manufacturers, service providers, fleet owners, and end users… pretty much everyone.
If it involves luxury restroom rentals, PRT is involved in one way or another.  
We work with some of the most exclusive clients in the industry, and many of the largest restroom rentals fleets in the world rely on PRT for our proven experience and expertise.  But we take even more pride in our work with small businesses.  Early on, we adopted strategy for client satisfaction that means we give the same level of service to each and every one of our customers.  And when you look at our history of successful relationships with pumper services and small fleets – you can see how that strategy has paid off over the years.

Pumper Services – Unsung Heroes of the Restroom Rentals Industry

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Without local pumper services companies – there would be no restroom rentals industry.  It’s as simple as that.  Over the years, waste tanks on portable restrooms and luxury restroom trailers have gotten larger and larger.  But at some point, no matter how large a tank is – it needs to be pumped clean.
Pumping is obviously not the most glorious aspect of the business.  To the contrary, pumping is one of the grittiest, most thankless jobs we know of.  But it is a key piece of the puzzle, and without pumping services many rental fleets – big and small – would be out of business in short order.
We’re always happy to hear from any company involved in pumper services – and we have helped many local pumper services to expand their operations and grow their revenue by adding high-end luxury restroom trailers to their list of services.  We work with pumper services across the country every day.  We recognize the key role they play – and we have fine-tuned our product offerings and financing options to make sure that we can always accommodate their needs.

Small Fleets Bring Restroom Rentals to Remote Locations

Some of our clients have huge fleets of equipment, with huge regional service areas.  Others are small, family-owned local companies that operate in smaller areas.  Some of our smaller clients carve out their livelihoods in one state, one county, or even one small town.
The team at PRT assigns the same priority and urgency to all our rental fleet clientele – regardless of the size of their territory or the size of their fleet.  After all, we’re a family-owned small business ourselves!
We know that small fleets provide critical services in remote areas where companies and their employees would otherwise have very few options for safe and reliable sanitary services.  We believe that people in every locale deserve the same level of service – and the same access to luxurious accommodations.  And this belief is always evident in our product offerings and financing options.

Flexible Financing for Pumper Services and Small Rental Fleets

PRT offers a wide range of flexible financing options, to ensure that our full line of luxury restroom rentals is always within reach for any size company.  We have a variety of short-term and long-term rental contracts available – so that any of our partners, in any location, can offer the very best accommodations for their clientele.  And our easy-approval, competitive-rate financing program has helped many small rental fleets to expand their operations with affordable new luxury restroom trailers.
Our new lease-to-own program has quickly become a very popular option with pumper services and small fleet owners who want to acquire additional rental units, but don’t have the capital on hand to purchase new equipment outright.  Our lease-to-own program allows you to take ownership of any unit over time, with low monthly payments that can be arranged to fit almost any operating budget.

PRT’s Extensive and Exclusive Inventory of Luxury Restroom Rentals

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We keep a wide-ranging inventory of new and used luxury restroom units in stock at all times – so that our selection is second to none in the industry.  Our inventory ranges from high-traffic, high-capacity commercial units for construction sites and remote work camps… all the way up to high-end luxury units designed for executive retreats and exclusive destination weddings and special events.
And our inventory doesn’t stop at luxury restroom rentals.  We stock every type of mobile sanitation resource available – including mobile hand-washing stations, ADA-compliant accessible restrooms, shower trailers, laundry trailers, environmental decontamination trailers, emergency response units, and more.
If you operate a pumper service or small rental fleet, and you would like to learn more about your options for acquiring new equipment to grow your business and build your revenue – please get in touch with PRT today.  Call us now at (877) 600-8645, and one of our trained representatives will help you find the perfect solution for your business and your budget.