PRT has worked with hospitals around the country to help ease the pain of their renovation and expansion projects with our ADA portable restrooms for rent. Renovating and expanding hospitals is one of the most complicated and challenging jobs in the entire construction industry.  For starters, hundreds of people on the hospital staff will need to work normally while the construction takes place.  None of the utilities can be turned off – they’re all needed for patients and equipment.  And emergencies will happen.  That’s why they call it the “emergency room.”  Now add in all the elements of a construction project: the crew, the equipment, and the scheduling –you’ll quickly see why this type of job presents a unique challenge.
Why Hospitals Love Our ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent
Operating a hospital and a construction site in the same footprint places a burden on every resource you can imagine.  There are not enough parking spaces for the hospital crew.  There is not enough staging space for the construction crew.  And there are almost certainly not enough bathrooms to accommodate either one.
While you can’t magically create more parking spaces – you can magically create more bathrooms. PRT has worked with hospitals around the country to help ease the pain of their renovation and expansion projects with our ADA portable restrooms for rent.  In fact, we recently shipped out a brand-new trailer for just such a job.

Cutting Edge Healthcare in the Carolinas

Carolinas Healthcare System is a huge network of hospitals, urgent care centers, and outpatient practices that operates facilities in North Carolina and South Carolina.  The system is anchored by its flagship hospital, the Carolinas Medical Center, near downtown Charlotte.
CHS employs about 60,000 people and treats about 12 million patients each year.  It operates 8 full-service hospitals, 15 regional medical centers, and more than 20 urgent care centers and freestanding emergency rooms.  When you factor in physician practices, laboratories, nursing homes, etc. – there are more than 900 locations in the system’s network.
With 900 locations, CHS is no stranger to building renovations, expansions, and new construction projects.  And we’re very proud to say that Carolinas Healthcare System relies on PRT to provide ADA portable restrooms for rent and for sale to support its ongoing growth.

Our ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Comfort Elite ADA +2 Portable Restrooms for RentOur restroom trailers provide all the comfort and convenience of a permanent indoor restroom in a small footprint that can easily be moved from one location to another.  This makes them a perfect fit for large healthcare systems where a restroom might need to be moved frequently between different work sites.
The trailer that we recently shipped out to Carolinas Healthcare System was an ADA-compliant model from our Comfort Series.  Three private suites and all-season climate control mean this trailer can accommodate any guest in comfort.  It’s a perfect solution for large healthcare systems where cleanliness and mobility are top priorities.
The Comfort Elite ADA +2 Station trailer can easily be relocated from one site to another by any standard towing vehicle with a powered hitch.  Its compact footprint means that anywhere you have 20 feet of space available, you can instantly install a full-service bathroom to comfortably accommodate work crews, guests, and employees – regardless of any special needs or mobility impairments.

Why Our ADA Portable Restrooms for Rent are the Market Leader

There’s a good reason why PRT’s Comfort Elite ADA +2 Station trailer is the most popular ADA-compliant portable restroom trailer sold in America.  No other design on the market includes the features, the high-end components, and the impressive convenience that we’ve designed in to this trailer.
The unisex ADA-compliant suite is accessible by an external folding ramp with 1 ¼-inch stainless steel railing.  You won’t need to worry about the incline of the ramp; when the trailer is in position, an on-board hydraulic lift system lowers the entire trailer to ground level with the push of a button.
Inside the ADA suite, you’ll find that the sink, faucet, door handle, and toilet are all configured for easy wheelchair access.  The walls around the toilet include assistance grab rails, and the toilet itself features a convenient push-button flush mechanism.  The roomy ADA suite allows a full 360-degree turning radius for standard wheelchairs.

High-End Components for Low Maintenance and Long Life

All three suites in our Comfort Elite ADA +2 Station trailer use the most durable and high-quality components available today.  The sink basins and toilets are real china.  The mar-resistant interior walls are insulated.  The framed glass mirrors are shatterproof.  And the floor is constructed of a single piece of non-skid rubber.
In the men’s and women’s suites, the solid surface countertops include in-counter wastebaskets.  Toilets operate with a convenient and clean pedal-flush mechanism.  The men’s suite features a solid china urinal.  Both suites have wall-mounted soap and paper towel dispensers, with wall-to-wall locking vanities to hold months of supplies without restocking.
Low-profile heat strips and a 9M BTU roof-mounted air conditioner bring year-round comfort to all our luxury portable restrooms for rent.  In addition to being comfortable, the trailer is safe. Abundant LED porch lighting on each entryway guarantees that your guests will enter and exit safely – no matter the time of day.
If you’d like to learn more about PRT’s luxury portable restrooms for rent or for purchase, please contact us right away at (877) 600-8645.  Our customer satisfaction team will make sure that you get all the information you need about our extensive product line and each of our various financing options.