Weddings are those events that simply bring a smile to your face, no matter the location, time, or circumstance. There’s nothing quite like it. Two people are promising to love each other through the ups and downs of life, and observing this intimate exchange is capable of warming the heart of anyone. 

As many of us know, before the beautiful day comes the planning of the beautiful day, and let’s just say this part isn’t as pretty. From Bridezillas to catering mistakes, missing dresses to venue mishaps, the wedding industry is just a hard market to work in. Many put so much pressure on planning the perfect day, when all that really mattered was the love between two people being celebrated.

Today, we stumbled upon a story in the news that described a real life wedding nightmare. With our experience in the bathroom trailer rental industry, we thought we’d seen it all. This story caught us by surprise.

The Not-So-Perfect Venue

An article published by WXYZ recently told the story of Abbie Genautis, a soon-to-be bride who experienced an unfortunate twist of fate. In December of 2018, Abbie and her fiance paid over $7000 for a venue that would host their reception. The venue, owned by Noah Corp, is a part of a venue collection of over 42 locations. The company recently filed for bankruptcy and was forced to sell many of their venues, including the one that Abbie hoped to host her reception in. 

Here’s the issue: not only is this venue closing and unable to host Abbie’s reception, but the venue has also stated that they would not be providing her with a full refund. Of the $7000+ that she and her fiance paid, they’ve been told that their refund would be $2800. This is clearly not a fair deal - the now displaced wedding reception did not receive the service they were provided and is also being short-changed thousands of dollars.

WXYZ reported: “She says she learned this week that in March the company knew it couldn’t host their reception.

‘They had known for three months that they were not going to be open and they filed for bankruptcy in May. So they had three months to do the right thing and notify couples that they were not going to host our wedding. And they decided to be deceitful and lie and steal our money from us,’ said Genautis.”

As this couple begins to make other arrangements, we urge them not to be discouraged and to stay positive. They can fight for their refund and still have a perfect wedding day.

How a Bathroom Trailer Rental Can Help

Our hearts go out to the bride and groom as they begin to rebuild their day. It’s unfortunate that a venue chose to leave them not only without a location for their reception, but also with less money than they initially paid. As the bride told the news outlet, “How are they able to steal money for a service they did not provide for us?”

Despite this hiccup, hope is still down the road for this couple, and a bathroom trailer rental could help. Here are three steps we’d recommend to the bride and groom as they begin to rebuild their perfect day.

  1. Find and outdoor venue

With our experience working in the event industry by providing bathroom trailer rental units, we have noticed a very specific trend. Overall, outdoor venues tend to be less expensive than indoor. With the money that this couple has already lost to the old venue, they have to be smart with what they have left. While their fight for a full refund should never stop until justice is served, the wedding must go on. With all of the gorgeous national parks, lakes, oceans, campgrounds, and more that the Bay Area of California has to offer, finding an affordable outdoor venue should be doable in comparison to an indoor option.

  1. Find Great Rentals

Should this couple book an outdoor venue, they’ll have pretty free range to design it. This means finding the perfect rentals that will bring this reception to life. From lighting to table settings to the dance floor, the choices are endless and can end up even better than their original plan. 

Outdoor venues will often lack a restroom option that fits the elegance of a wedding. To ensure guests are comfortable when the urge to “go” comes, we recommend a bathroom trailer rental. This not only makes sure that the ambiance of the event is not compromised, but also guarantees a positive guest experience. 

  1. Review old contracts and sign new ones

While making their new wedding plans, this couple should not give up in their fight for justice. When working with a venue, a contract is typically signed, ensuring that both parties are secure in their exchange of funding and goods. What this venue pulled is most likely a breach of contract and legal action can be taken.

In addition, this experience does highlight the importance of a strong contract that is thoroughly reviewed by all the involved parties. Moving forward, we recommend that this couple takes the time to review any contracts involved in their big day, from venue to food to even the bathroom trailer rental option. They should make sure they are properly covered and that goods promised but not delivered receive a full refund.

We wish this couple the best of luck as they move forward in planning their big day and fighting for justice with the old venue.