Introducing our newest portable restroom trailer for 2013…LULU, the Single Unit Portable Pod!
LULU is a smaller version of our other portable bathrooms, perfect for golf courses, soccer, polo, and baseball fields. These mobile restrooms come with the ability to be electrically or solar powered. If electric, the unit can be fully heated or air conditioned. If solar powered, the portable unit has modified climate control through the use of vent fans, which makes it friendly to the environment.
While LULU is a single unit, it is still a fully functional portable bathroom. This unit provides fresh water and soap for a complete sanitary hand wash, flushable toilets, as well as absolute privacy. LULU is larger than the standard porta potty, but smaller than a full restroom trailer, while still providing comfort and security. That’s why it’s so appealing!
2013-05-15-2-portable-restroom-trailersThis single station mobile restroom is great for any type of outdoor environment. It is easy to maneuver and relocate from place to place, which makes it extremely practical. So for golf courses that change course layouts, parks that utilize different fields, construction sites, or venues that require a smaller portable bathroom, LULU is the perfect solution. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference!