Looking for something to do this fall? There are many events and activities to attend and memories to make, with or without the little ones. Outdoor activities seem to be the most popular since the weather is changing and the brilliant colors are so abundant. Here are some ideas for having outdoor fun this fall:
Apple and pumpkin picking- one of the all time favorites...there’s just something about freshly picked fruits and vegetables, especially when you’re the one who picked them.
Hayride- a great memory making activity for the whole family.iStock_000000904811XSmall
Neighborhood or family football game- brings everyone together for a fun, casual game. It will create camaraderie, as well as get that physical activity in.
Adventure through the woods- go for a nature walk. Just remember to bring bug spray and a drink of water.
Create a scavenger hunt- look for leaves, pine cones, acorns, feathers, colors, etc. This activity is great for teaching kids to follow directions and pay attention to detail.
Make your way through a corn maze- a great activity for the whole family to hone in on problem solving skills. If there is more than one adult, you may want to have cell phones handy, in case you get split up.
Go on a fishing trip- since it is getting cooler out, there may only be a few more chances to go fishing. Take advantage of a nice day and relax by the lake.
Petting zoo- many farms and orchards have small petting zoos for children to visit. Most have animal food so your youngster can feed the animals, so don’t forget quarters.
Make a leaf pile- perfect for jumping in, but also a great photo-op!
The fall can be fun and exciting. It tends to mark the beginning of the holiday season with cool weather and bright decorations. With so much to do, make sure you stay healthy and safe. If you’re going to be participating at outdoor festivities, look for a portable restroom trailer or bathroom where you can adequately wash yours or your little one’s hands, especially if you’ll be touching and feeding animals. Restroom trailers provide the opportunity to stay clean, healthy, and comfortable while on fall excursions. It’s no fun being sick while everyone else is out having a good time!
Of course, each town, city, or county may have their own festivities, so check your local newspaper or town website to see what’s happening this fall. Whatever you do, have a blast!