At Portable Restroom Trailers (PRT), we have to be prepared to provide a luxury portable bathroom for any climate in the world.  Our clientele ranges from warm tropical islands to remote arctic villages, and our inventory reflects their needs with a wide variety of climate control configurations to match any requirement.
We recently helped an upstart rental company in Canada to expand their service offerings by acquiring a luxury portable bathroom for weddings, parties, and corporate events.  Because of their location, they needed a unit with a powerful climate control setup so that they could keep it rented out for as much of the year as possible.
The company didn’t have capital set aside for new equipment purchases in their operating budget, but we were able to match them up with a demo unit from our display lot at a significant discount – and they took advantage of our popular lease-to-own program to make the numbers work.  At first, they were a little concerned about how comfortable the bathroom would be in cold winter weather; but they quickly came around when they saw all the climate control options that PRT offers.

Three Levels of Insulation and Control for Cold Climates

Almost every luxury portable bathroom in PRT’s inventory comes standard with a base HVAC system that includes integrated duct-work, a roof-mounted air conditioner and electric heat strips.  The standard heat strips are low-profile electrical heat sources that are integrated into the trailer’s trim and produce 5600 BTU per unit. Our standard units remain warm and comfortable all the way down into the mid-30s; but a few upgrades are available that can keep your luxury portable bathroom warm and welcoming even in freezing temperatures.
Our 3 season package features upgraded insulation in all walls and ceilings.  Additional heat is provided by a 750-watt electric heater in each suite – with upgraded 30-amp marine-style power cords to withstand harsh weather outside.  The waste tank is fitted with an electric DE-icing system to prevent freezing. With the 3-season package installed, our units are rated down to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.
For even colder climates, we offer a 4-season Arctic package with more insulation, tougher components, and a ducted central furnace.  The 4-season upgrade uses R13 spray insulation in the sub-floor, R14 insulation in the walls and ceilings, and the entire exterior of the unit is wrapped in insulating foil before the metal walls are installed.  A ducted 40k BTU furnace is powered by dual 30lb liquid propane tanks. The waste tank has an electric DE-icing system, and 50 feet of electrically heated water hose are included for the external water supply.
Some heat packages require access to multiple electrical outlets.  All our trailers will maintain warmer temperatures with less energy if you skirt the unit to the ground with weather-resistant materials during winter months.  Ask your PRT representative for more details.

A Compact Luxury Portable Bathroom for Cold Climate Events

The unit that our Canadian client selected is a compact but luxurious 2-station trailer from our Comfort Series.  This unit packs a ton of functionality and luxury into an exceptionally small footprint at only 12 feet in overall length.  Both suites have a private fold-down stairway with an oversized landing, double safety handrails, and abundant LED porch lighting.  But you don’t see the real luxury of this unit until you open the door and step inside.

The bathroom’s interior is comfortable and relaxing, with a coordinated design that features earth-tone colors and high-quality components.  The vanities feature solid surface countertops with metered hot water faucets, in-counter wastebaskets, and large shatterproof glass mirrors.  The walls are made of a durable fiberglass material; and the floors are made with a single sheet of low-maintenance vinyl with a designer finish.  Our Comfort Series luxury portable bathrooms provide all the comfort and functionality you would expect from a permanent bathroom – at a fraction of the cost, in a compact and mobile package.
Our Canadian client went with the 4-season package, so the unit we delivered has maximum insulation for efficiency and consistency in any weather.  The unit has heat strips and a central furnace – and the temperature is controlled via a simple thermostat in the unit’s mechanical room. Combining rugged durability in cold climates with a comfortable luxurious experience – this unit was a perfect fit for year-round event rentals in Canada.

Find Your Own Luxury Portable Bathroom Today

PRT stocks a wide-ranging inventory of luxury portable bathrooms.  We have single-stall units, all the way up to 20-stalls and more.  And our inventory runs the gamut from rugged durability to the finest high-end luxury.  We have restrooms, shower trailers, laundry trailers, decontamination trailers, and much more.
If you’d like to learn more about our selection of luxury portable bathrooms, get in touch with us today at (877) 600-8645.  We have plenty of financing options to choose from – from easy approval credit to our popular lease-to-own program. With our extensive inventory and flexible financing, we can find the perfect match for your business and your budget.