We always enjoy the partnerships we get to form during the summer season. It is always an exciting time of year filled with upscale events, exciting construction developments, and so much more. When these companies have a restroom need, we are happy to suggest a variety of portable restroom trailers that are a fit for their specific project.
While many of us are still enjoying the slower pace of summer, booking vacations and leisurely soaking up the sun, or enjoying the many events that come with warm weather, college football is deep within their training season. These athletes work hard to prepare for the upcoming school year, and extreme fans are already preparing to cheer on their home team.
With so many anticipated visitors during the football season, many universities realized the need for a temporary restroom solution that can handle thousands of fans per game. When we were approached by Florida International University, we were ready to provide them with portable restrooms for rent.


Founded in 1972, Florida International University had the largest opening enrollment in US collegiate history. From the very beginning, FIU was a very unique school. Their first class of students were an average age of 25, 40% were married, 80% had just graduated from Miami-Dade Community College, and were both working and going to school full-time.
The college continued to develop with the spirit of entrepreneurship as its leading inspiration. They became a full, four year college with options for those not coming from community college, opened campus housing, funded masters and doctoral programs, and by 1986, had been named one of the top 200 best buys in college education by the New York Times.
One the sports program began to develop, university leaders made it a priority to continue to push the athletic department to the highest levels of success. By 2009, the entire collegiate program had elevated from NCAA Division II to Division I.
The Athletic department has created a mission statement that embodies the goals that their program aims to achieve and outlines how the program helps with the growth of their students.
Their six goals are:

  1. Promoting academic excellence and educational leadership
  2. Thriving to obtain athletic distinction at the Division 1 level
  3. Assuring gender equity and cultivating diversity
  4. Fostering and promoting personal integrity among its participants
  5. Encouraging activities and experiences which instill the value of lifelong participation and total well-being
  6. Providing an avenue for the social development of the student through participatory interaction within and outside athletic and campus community

With the upcoming football season, the school anticipated tens of thousands of tailgaters visiting to cheer on the mighty Panthers. They want to provide their fans with a VIP tailgating experience, so when they needed a luxury restroom trailer option, they came to us.


FIU was ready to get rid of porta-potties and upgrade the restroom experience of their guests. The school’s tailgating parties are a popular event - fans from all over the region gather on campus with vehicles full of food, beverages, and Panther gear. Campus leaders realized that in order to create a VIP tailgating experience, they needed luxury bathroom rentals.
When FIU asked for help, we were quick to suggest portable restroom trailer options. We were able to provide two restroom rental options: the ADA +4 Public Floor plan, Molokai Series and the 8 Station Coastal Luxury Trailer.

The ADA +4 Public Floor Plan, Molokai Series is a unique portable restroom trailer having one women’s suite with two private stalls, one men’s suite with a stall and urinal, and a California ADA-compliant unisex suite, each with its own separate entrance. The attractive two-tone interior design welcomes guests into an elegant atmosphere, and heat and air conditioning strips are installed to maintain an ideal climate inside of the units.
The suites are all equipped with designer vinyl floors,  flushable china toilets, a sink vanity, and shatterproof mirrors. The ADA-compliant unit ensures that visitors are comfortable and can use the restroom with ease, featuring an ADA toilet, handrails, and reachable sink vanity. The entire unit lowers to the ground with the touch of a button, making ADA access easier than ever.

The 8 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer, Coastal Series is another luxury bathroom rental option equipped with large women’s and men’s suite. The women’s suite of this restroom trailer rental is fitted with four stalls with sturdy privacy walls, a double sink vanity, and shatterproof mirror. The men’s suite features two privacy stalls, two standard urinals with dividers, and a double sink vanity with the shatterproof mirror.
The interior has a two-tone grey and white nautical theme that will have visitors daydreaming about the sea. It is equipped with a 200 gallon fresh water tank and a 750 gallon waste tank to ensure that high volume use does not affect the unit’s performance. It is the perfect addition to an event that anticipates thousands of visitors.
The Coastal Series is also equipped with the Smarter Restrooms App, an innovative tool that allows the restroom supervisors to monitor system operations remotely from a phone, tablet, or laptop. Supervisors are able to maintain the interior temperature, check system tank levels, and power.
By providing luxury restroom trailers for FIU, we were able to help the university elevate the tailgating experience. Studies have shown that luxury restrooms increase visitation at events like these, including an increase in female visitation by 159%. This then increases the event’s revenue, hiking the number of merchandise, food and beverage sales.
We are here to help those looking for a luxury bathroom rental option. Tell us about your next project and let us find a perfect restroom solution for you! Contact our National Account Specialists at 1-877-600-8645.