When we deliver luxury portable restrooms to one of our valued clients, several different factors have been taken into consideration before the unit ever leaves our lot.  Of course, we will have determined the correct capacity and the ratio of gender-specific accommodations; but there are several less obvious factors that we also take into consideration – some of which involve the technical aspects of operating a luxury portable restroom in a remote location where basic utilities may or may not be readily available.
Luxury Portable Restrooms for America’s Top Private RacetrackWe recently got a call from a world-renowned racetrack that’s located far off the beaten path in New Hampshire.  This was about as challenging a location as we come across in our normal work, with no sewer system, no electricity, and no fresh water supply onsite.  But despite the remote location and the lack of onsite utilities – the track’s owners needed to provide restroom accommodations for their members that far exceeded the comfort and sanitation of a traditional port-a-potty.
We showed the owners some compatible units from our line of luxury portable restrooms, with a focus on the size of the freshwater and wastewater tanks and the frequency of service that would be required to pump waste and resupply freshwater based on their estimated level of foot traffic.  In the end, we came up with a perfect compromise that met the track’s needs for luxurious accommodations without straining the amount of effort that would be required for regular upkeep.

The Finest Racetrack in America

Nestled against the southern edge of the White Mountains in New Hampshire, you will find one of the most exclusive racetracks on the east coast.  It’s been called the best track in America by some of racing’s premier personalities. And it’s a haven for motorsport enthusiasts to push the limits of their prized sports-cars with some track time on a world-class course.
The 2.5-mile course features 15 challenging turns and more than 250-feet in elevation changes.  The course flows over the winding foothills of the White Mountains, with scenic views of dense deciduous New England forests in every direction.  There is a separate, dedicated track for kart racing. And a large section of the property has already been set aside for a planned expansion in the near future.
The course hosts a full schedule of regional races and private events for various groups and organizations.  On days when no events are scheduled, the facility is open to members of its own private club. Memberships are available at several different levels, including options for professional driving instruction, secure car storage, and access to professional-grade garages.

A Luxury Portable Restroom for Exclusive Clientele

When the track’s management reached out to PRT, they were looking for a convenient way to expand their restroom capacity during some of their bigger events.  We talked about capacity and reviewed their requirements for a stand-alone unit that would not require access to a sewage system or external utilities. And we walked through some luxury options that they wanted, including an upgraded climate control system and an integrated high-definition stereo system.  After looking at a few options, we found a perfect solution in a Martinique 5-station luxury portable restroom.

The Martinique unit we delivered provides the same level of service you would expect from a permanent brick and mortar restroom – with a level of luxury that many have never seen in a portable unit.  The interior of the unit is designed with a warm 2-tone color scheme with crisp white trim throughout. The wall-to-wall vanity features a beautiful Corian-style countertop with a coordinated marble pattern.  The vinyl floor tiles have a designer wood-grain pattern which is complemented by soft ambient lighting. And each private stall is separated by a full-size six-panel door with locking satin nickel level handles.
Each luxury portable restroom unit comes standard with heating and air conditioning.  The unit we delivered to the race track included an upgraded four-season climate control package with a high-efficiency onboard heating system to keep the unit warm and comfortable in freezing conditions during the harsh New Hampshire winters.

Operating Luxury Portable Restrooms in a Stand-Alone Setup

Because basic utilities were not available where the restroom would be located, every aspect of the unit needed to support an off-grid deployment.  We helped the track’s owners to spec out a stand-alone unit with all necessary utilities provided onboard. The unit we sent has oversized freshwater and waste water tanks, each fitted with an independent heating system to prevent the tanks from freezing in cold weather.  Large tanks help to keep maintenance to a minimum by extending the length of time in between servicing to pump waste and refill fresh water.
An onboard propane tank provides fuel for the heater and an integrated tankless on-demand hot water heater.  And locking vanity cabinets allow plenty of storage space to stock up a long-term supply of liquid soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.  With a full set of stand-alone services, this luxury portable restroom provides a comfortable and sanitary experience for visitors with no external utilities, and minimal periodic maintenance.

How to Learn More

If your organization is interested in a luxury portable restroom to accommodate visitors in remote locations, get in touch with PRT today at (877) 600-8645.  One of our trained professionals will walk you through our extensive lineup of luxury units and help you select the appropriate options and upgrades for your application.  We have a number of flexible financing options to choose from, with a solution to fit any budget.