When you think of a public restroom in New York City, what comes to mind probably isn’t a comfortable, luxurious place.  Your typical NYC public restroom reflects the character of the city – busy, crowded, and sometimes dirty.  But there is one very noteworthy exception, and it’s getting a serious upgrade this year. Luxury restroom rentals are the solution!
The public restroom at Bryant Park is one of the most famous restrooms in the world.  TripAdviser calls it the “Cleanest public toilet in New York,” it won the Village Voice Best Public Restroom in 2014, and the New York Times has called it “the Tiffany’s of public restrooms.”
The credit for this luxurious restroom is owed to the recently deceased David Rockefeller.  Back in 1979, Brooke Astor asked Rockefeller to help clean up the blighted area around Bryant Park.  Rockefeller secured the financing required for a major renovation, and this restroom has been pristine ever since.

The Amenities of a Luxury Public Restroom

The restroom at Bryant Park stands in stark contrast to the typical NYC public restroom.  Visitors are greeted year-round by freshly cut flowers and a refined classical music playlist.  Toilets are equipped with rotating sanitary seat covers and self-flushing mechanisms.  And most of all, they’re spotlessly clean.  A pair of attendants work tirelessly to keep every surface sparkling clean, with an attendant always on duty during open hours.
The renovation which is in progress will add even more splendor to this already famous restroom.  Sleek new toilets and fixtures will be installed.  The wall tiles will be updated with warm, earthy colors to accentuate the colors of the park outdoors.  A modern air-conditioning system will be added.  And original artwork from the park’s private collection will be displayed on the restroom walls.

The Considerable Cost of a Luxury Restroom

As you might expect, maintaining these standards in the heart of New York City comes at quite a cost.  The annual operating budget for the restroom is $271,000.  That number does not include the cost of facility updates and upkeep.  The restroom was last renovated in 2006 for $200,000; and this year’s renovation is projected to come in at $280,000.
While those costs might seem exorbitant to the average person, tax payers don’t have to worry about the budget for this beautiful bathroom.  All costs associated with the restroom are supported through private donations and corporate sponsorships.

Bridging the Gap with Luxury Restroom Rentals

While the current renovation is in progress, park management has provided portable restrooms for the people of Bryant Park to use.  But here at Portable Restroom Trailers, we were less than impressed when we saw the temporary accommodations.  These are no luxury restroom rentals.
Small standard “porta potties” line the sidewalk in front of the Bryant Park restroom building.  While the nonprofit corporation that runs Bryant Park may have mastered the art of maintaining a public bathroom, they obviously have a lot to learn about luxury restroom rentals.
We think that our luxury restroom rentals would have been a perfect fit for this occasion.  The people who have become accustomed to the finest public bathroom in the world also deserve the finest in luxury restroom rentals.  With our granite countertops, custom wood cabinetry and glass vessel sinks – the people of Bryant Park might not have noticed that anything had changed at all. We expect that we will get a call when the next renovation is scheduled.

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