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Tallahassee Ford Lincoln is one of the premier dealerships in Northern Florida, known for its reputation for exceptional service and attention to detail in order to create a memorable experience for their customers.  WHEN WE SAY“MAKE IT EASY“ WE MEAN IT! is their slogan so you know they expect the same level of service when it is comes time for them to be the customer. When Tallahassee Ford decided to remodel their dealership, they came to find that they needed a temporary restroom solution for their employees to use. As you can imagine, a construction project of this size needs a convenient yet comfortable long term restroom solution to keep employees on-site and happy, something no mere porta-potty rental would do. This led Tallahassee Ford straight to PRT for portable restrooms!
This Comfort Elite Designer Beach Package 3 Station Portable Restrooms Trailer similar to the one selected by Tallahassee Ford offers a compact yet luxurious environment perfect for smaller venues and functions. The unique floor plan includes 2 women’s suites and 1 men’s suite, each with a separate entrance.  Both suites include water-saving china flushable toilets, wall-to-wall lockable vanities with large shatter-proof mirrors, self-closing faucets, and soap and paper-towel dispensers and toilet-paper holders.  A beautiful earth tone interior complete with coordinating hard-surface vanities and a fully climate-controlled environment is just the beginning; purchasing a portable restroom is much more cost-effective than renting for the same amount of time, each time.  The best part?  Tallahassee Ford can take advantage of PRT’s Buy Back Program which allows you to trade-in your old portable restrooms trailer for a brand new manufactured unit! TAKE A MOMENT TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR BUY BACK PROGRAM NOW

Do you have a facility renovation or construction project that you need help with? If you’re looking for guidance, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-888-998-6547 or fill out our Contact Form today. Experienced sales representatives can help you provide your guests and employees portable restrooms with all the comfort they desire and the convenience and durability you need. New or Used, Whatever Your Event, We Have the Solution at PRT!