Memorial Day Festivities with Portable Bathrooms for Rent

memorial day portable bathrooms for rent
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Memorial Day Festivities with Portable Bathrooms for Rent

Memorial Day is a time to pay homage to members of the military service who have given their lives for our country. It is a day of remembrance and celebration. Families and organizations commemorate the holiday with events that would not be possible without portable bathrooms for rent. 

Portable Restroom Trailers is pleased to offer products that help make Memorial Day celebrations a success. This article will discuss Memorial Day and the best portable bathrooms for rent for your event. 

What is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that falls on the last Monday in May. It is unclear how the tradition started. Some records show it was organized by a group of former slaves in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865 less than a month after the Confederacy surrendered. 

It was declared a federal holiday on May 5, 1868, with a community-wide event in Waterloo, NY. Businesses closed and residents decorated the graves of lost soldiers with flags. The date of the holiday since moved to May 30, but later changed to the last Monday of May. 

Memorial Day is celebrated in a variety of ways. Some people celebrate privately by visiting loved ones’ graves. Others have small family barbecues. 

There are also larger community events hosted by local groups and businesses. These often call for portable bathrooms for rent.

Portable Bathrooms for Rent for Memorial Day Celebrations

The portable bathroom you choose for your celebration will depend on the type of event you are hosting. If you are having a formal event, you may choose a luxury restroom. If the event is casual, the restroom should still be attractive. 

portable bathrooms for rent for events

In any case, comfort and durability are two characteristics to look out for. Here are some Portable Restroom Trailers Items that fit the bill. 

3-Station Elite Series: The 3-station Elite Series is ideal for smaller events. It features a comfortable yet compact design. Each suite is equipped with a toilet, a lockable sink vanity, and a counter wastebasket. The men’s suite also has a urinal. 

4 Station Calypso Series: The 4 Station Calypso Series is an attractive and durable option. It is designed with color-coordinating aesthetics and a modern, minimalist interior It features 2 private stalls in the women’s suite and 1 private stall and urinal in the men’s suite.  It is comfortable and well-lit. 

6 Station Comfort Series: The 6 Station Comfort Series is perfect for larger events. The women’s suite features 3 private stalls, a large vanity, and double sinks. The men’s suite features one stall, 2 urinals, and a sink. The attractive interior and granite-like countertops make it a crowd-pleaser. 

ADA 8 Station Oahu Series: The 8 Station Oahu Series is another suitable option for large crowds. Its ADA-compliant features will keep all guests happy. Its women’s suite features 3 stalls. Its men’s suite features 2 stalls and 2 urinals. It also has an ADA unisex suite with a hydraulic lift that brings it lower to the ground with the push of a button. 

5 Station Maritime Pro Series: The 5 Station Maritime Pro Series is ideal for a variety of events. The women’s suite is equipped with three private stalls. The men’s suite has one private stall and a urinal. Features like color-coordinating surfaces and minimalist stylings make it a fan favorite.  

The Best Choice for Your Memorial Day Event

If you are planning on hosting a Memorial Day event, call Portable Restroom Trailers first. More than a terrific selection, we also offer top-notch service. We couple our safe, sanitary products with an attitude of care and respect. We always put our customers first. 

Contact us for a free quote to find out how our portable bathrooms for rent can make your event a success. 

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