Another holiday weekend is upon us, and it’s usually a big one! From the neighborhood block party to county and state fairs, this is a bustling weekend full of those start-of-summer activities that get us all excited for the hot weather season. A three-day weekend means barbecues in the park,  camping trips by the lake, local festivals, and all those things that allow us to celebrate with each other one more time before we transition to a new season. Portable trailer restrooms are here to support celebrations of all kinds.

Most of us have already been craving summer weather for weeks, and Memorial Day Weekend marks the official start of summer. No matter what your plans may be, using the restroom will be a mundane yet necessary part of those plans. We have partnered with many companies, organizations, and even individuals and families to provide portable trailer restrooms for special gatherings, bustling weekends, or events. As the three-day weekend approaches, we want to highlight some great rental options that could make your weekend run smoother.

Whether you are anticipating a large crowd at your barbecue, need accessible restrooms on campgrounds, expect a larger number of shoppers at your store, and more, portable trailer restrooms for rent are a quick and easy way to ensure your crowd is well taken care of. Browse the rental options listed below depending on your needs!


parties with portable trailer restrooms

From a family barbecue in the park to the neighborhood block party, community pool gatherings or private cocktail evenings at the country club, the parties will be going nonstop all weekend leading up to Labor Day. As a host or party planner, it is crucial that you anticipate all the needs of your crowd. Inevitably, they’ll all have to “go.” Portable bathrooms for rent provide you with a quick, easy, and affordable solution for temporary bathrooms with the added bonus of elegance and ambiance. The 6 Station Classic Series is a perfect unit for parties, with careful attention paid to design and an upscale atmosphere overall. 

The Outdoors

camping with portable trailer restrooms

National parks, lakes, campgrounds, and more are preparing for a sold-out weekend of camping and outdoor adventure. Many groups of friends and family are gearing up for one more weekend of summer fun in the sun, and nature calls in more ways than one. To ensure that your daytime and overnight guests have the best possible experience, providing a restroom and shower option is ideal. We recommend the 3 Station Comfort Series Combo, which comes with three private stalls that allow guests the privacy needed to use restroom amenities in comfort.

Restaurants and Bars

eat and drink with portable trailer restrooms

For many restaurants and bars, the reservations are pouring in and staff is anticipating a much busier than usual sunday night. To ensure that bathroom lines don’t get too long throughout the day, portable trailer rentals are recommended and provide a quick and easy solution for a large and unanticipated crowd. For these businesses, we suggest the 9 Station Convertible Floor Plan, an adaptable portable bathroom that is sure to solve all restroom problems. This unit easily converts depending on your needs and is designed to adapt accordingly. 

Store Owners

store owners portable trailer restrooms

For businesses expecting a busy crowd over the holiday weekend, it’s best to be prepared for your guests and ensure they have the amenities they need. Your crowded store may not have enough restrooms to service everyone, and long lines reflect poorly on your business. Avoid the stress with portable bathrooms for rent. The ADA +2 Station Marina Series is a perfect solution, ensuring all that need access to the restroom have it and guaranteeing an upscale restroom environment

Now that you’ve got some great portable trailer restrooms to consider for your MemorialDay Weekend, submit your quote before we get as busy as you will! Our sales team is on standby to answer any questions you may have before beginning your process. Contact us and let’s get you started.

For those wanting to check out a few more of our portable trailer restrooms, see the rentals on our website for more inspiration.