Think Woodstock…days on end with thousands of people, all outdoors in the heat, and NOBODY has showered for days on end. While that may have been a hit in the 60′s, today we are spoiled by hot showers and strong deodorant. For that very reason, mobile shower trailers are gaining popularity in the event planning arena. Having a mobile shower trailer on site can turn a single day event into a multi-day festival, like the sky diving festival Portable Restroom Trailers will be providing units for over Labor Day weekend! We’ve done NASCAR events, horse races and shows, weddings, university graduations, biker events, NFL and other sporting events, wine festivals, and the list goes on and on. Corporate sponsorships have also increased, because now they can put their name in front of the consumer for days instead of hours, which means a huge difference to their bottom line when it comes to advertising exposure. Whether a mobile shower trailer or a combination shower/toilet combination portable restroom trailer, the trend is growing to have facilities on site.
Although construction sites have been using mobile shower trailers for quite some time, the general public is rather new to the concept. When you see the inside of these units, you will be amazed that the look and feel is more of a home bathroom than a portable shower. The trailers can be as fancy or as simple as you want them, they come in multiple shapes and sizes with amenities to match. Since all units come with self-contained water tanks as well, these can be set up even if there is not running water on site.
Another constant market for portable restroom trailers and mobile shower trailers is the Disaster Relief market. They provide sanitary, well-ventilated, fresh smelling facilities for workers and victims alike. Usually set up on long-term rental contracts, our units can solve at least one challenge these areas face…clean facilities to help aid workers and victims feel more comfortable in the midst of chaos and suffering. While we always are grateful for business, it is bitter-sweet to provide portable restrooms trailers and mobile showers for Disaster Relief sites.