I visited a beautiful park the other day. It had a huge playground, widespread fields for a game of Frisbee or Football, an enormous skate park, and a long walking/running trail of red stones. There was even a small splash section to cool off in the summer time. It was a park that you could go and spend hours at.
Unfortunately I found that the restroom facility had been blocked off due to construction. I thought, “Surely, a park as elaborate as this would have another set of restrooms”, so I walked around to see if there was another building that contained restrooms. I couldn’t find any. To my surprise, the only bathrooms available were two porta potties!
I gathered up the courage to look inside and nearly gagged. They both looked (and smelled) as if they hadn’t been cleaned in months! They smelled putrid, the toilets were just about full, and one of them had toilet paper stuck everywhere while the other had no toilet paper at all. Needless to say, I did not enter.
I was sorely disappointed and here’s why... That community took such care, and put so much thought and effort into the park for their residents, as well as residents of other communities; yet they failed to think of and provide an adequate facility solution during the renovation.
So many times the temporary bathroom solution falls through the cracks. Realizing that regardless of whether you’re a large corporation or a community park, providing an exceptional facility for your employees or residents will show that you care about their health, safety, and overall well being, which will result in enhanced productivity or community.