Tuesday night on The Tonight Show, Jay Leno had Matt Lauer as a guest. Apparently Matt Lauer does not fly privately because he shared a story with Leno about an incident that occurred on the airplane he was on. Perhaps after hearing what happened, you may not be wishing you were famous after all.iStock_000022957260XSmall
During Lauer’s flight he got up to use the restroom but another man beat him to it. So Lauer waited. Then a couple of other people came up and waited behind him. The man eventually came out of the restroom, but unbeknownst to Lauer, had urinated all over the seat and surrounding area. This presented a dilemma for Lauer...who wants to clean up someone else’s urine?! The problem was that Lauer was afraid that if he left it, the person behind him would think that he did it. Needless to say, Lauer did not want that reputation, so he cleaned it up!
Unfortunately this is a problem that we all know too well. We’ve all stepped into a porta potty or public restroom at one time and cringed at the mess the previous person left behind. As of yet we don’t have restroom trailers for airplanes but we can offer the private, comfortable, at-home feeling on the ground. Whether you’re having a large private party or remodeling, portable restroom trailers are the closest thing to your favorite in-home bathroom.
Restroom trailers are sanitary, safe, and practical. Unless a family member or friend has bad aim, there won’t be messes left by others for you to clean up. And if you do end up cleaning it, they’re made with easy-to-clean material so it’s the least amount of work for you.
Next time you cringe about the condition of a public restroom, know that you’re not alone. Even the rich and famous have to get down and dirty once in a while!