Our New Cleaning Process for Portable Bathrooms

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Our New Cleaning Process for Portable Bathrooms

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during this difficult time in history. Our lives have all changed significantly and the best thing we can do is stay positive, support each other, and keep working towards a better future. Here at Portable Restroom Trailers, our positive thoughts are with those working at home, but our business focus is now on those essential businesses that must remain open to keep the country running. We’ve provided portable bathrooms for hospitals, construction sites, logistics companies, and more. 

Many of these companies are becoming more and more interested in restroom rentals at this time. With our inventory going in and out of the warehouse constantly, we want to ensure that the portable bathrooms we send out are clean and safe for use.

We recently partnered with Green Home Solutions, an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered cleaning service that specializes in bacteria disinfection. Learn about their company and cleaning process and order your restroom rentals with the confidence that the portable bathrooms coming your way are sanitized and ready for immediate use.

The Green Home Solutions Process

The Green Home Solutions product, called Oceanic, killed 570 pathogen in under 10 minutes when tested by the EPA. It has successfully treated COVID-19 as well and is now the product used to disinfect our portable bathrooms. 

cleaning portable restrooms

We are proud to partner with a small, locally-owned business that prioritizes effective disinfection without harsh chemicals. Learn a little bit about them:

“Russ Weldon founded Green Home Solutions and serves as the Chief Cultural Officer and Visionary of our indoor air quality company. With an entrepreneurial drive, Russ has been starting successful businesses since his teens. After selling his 450-store franchise in 2012, he was looking for a new opportunity. Green Home Solutions grew out of his desire to provide products that keep homes free from mold.

As Green Home Solutions grew, he realized this business was more than just a way to help other entrepreneurs achieve their dream of business ownership. It gave him a chance to have a positive impact on the planet today and for generations to come.

At Green Home Solutions, we don’t believe that fixing these problems means you have to introduce harsh chemicals into the environment or to your family, pets and home. We don’t use harsh chemicals. The health and safety of your family is always our goal. The products we use in our services are selected with that in mind.” 

When we hired Green Home Solutions, they told us about their cleaning process. This is what you can expect every portable bathroom in our rental inventory to go through before shipping.

  1. The Green Home team sets up personal protection equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies
  2. The team puts on PPE prior to entering the portable bathrooms, including full mask, suit and gloves.
  3. Confirm that all people are out of the service area and ensure that no one enters while the trailer is being serviced.
  4. Once everyone is out of the service area, the team begins to wipe down all touch surfaces & high contact surfaces with GHS “Beyond Green All-Purpose Cleaner” including door, doorknobs, handles, seats, and sinks.
  5. Remove, contain and dispose of all cleaning materials (rags, towels, cloths).
  6. Spray all surfaces and contents with Oceanic via the Fogmaster sprayer.
  7. Allow a minimum of 2 hours after treatment prior to re-entry. Note – reentry time can be reduced with ventilation of the area after required dwell time.  

clean portable bathrooms


This hospital-grade technique ensures that all bacteria are removed from the portable bathrooms. After finishing the process, the rentals are ready for our clients. Rest assured, any portable bathrooms coming from us will be processed by the Green Home Solutions team and will not contribute to the spread of COVID-19.

Sanitized Portable Bathrooms for Rent 

With all of our portable bathrooms going through this sanitation process, we are continuing business as usual to make sure that all essential businesses have the restrooms they need. We confirm that we do not get essential workers sick thanks to Green Home Solutions and we will continue to partner with them throughout the foreseeable future.

If you need portable bathrooms for rent, we are the company you can trust! Browse rentals today and find the solution to fit your business needs. We have a wide variety of bathroom trailers to choose from that vary in size, volume of use, style, and ADA-compliance.

Ready to order your rental? Request a quote and begin your process here!

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