Memorial Day was established almost 150 years ago to honor those that died fighting in a war, but didn’t become a federal holiday until 1971. Through the years, our nation has come to better appreciate Memorial Day as a day to honor the many men and women who have fought and given their lives for our freedom. Wherever you go and whatever you do this weekend, be sure to take a moment to remember our fallen soldiers and what they’ve done for us.
Since Memorial Day is an official holiday, that means a long weekend for most, which also means picnics, sporting events, travel, beaches, pool parties, family gatherings, parks, festivals, concerts, and so much more. Every year this weekend seems to be the “official” turning point of seasons. The weather begins to stay hotter, school is out or almost out, and the sense of summer is felt by all.
Chances are you won’t be spending your time inside, which means you’ll be hot, sweaty, sticky, and maybe sandy. If that’s the case, do you really want to answer nature’s call in a small, cramped, hot, stinky, dirty porta potty? Before you head into one of those, look around…you might just get lucky and find a portable restroom trailer with fresh air, lots of space, flushable toilets, soap and running water to wash your hands. Portable restroom trailers seem to be catching on as the new trend in portable bathrooms. So, wherever you are this weekend when nature calls, look around to see if there’s a portable restroom trailer near you.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!