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Level Up Your Event Like Churchill Downs with Portable Restroom Solutions

When the glitz and glamour of state-celebrated events demand nothing but the best restroom experiences, Portable Restroom Trailers is front and center. Since 2007, our woman-owned business has been on a mission to exceed expectations. From luxurious restroom trailers to ADA-compliant facilities and even solar-powered options, our fleet is the ultimate restroom dream team, ready to cater to every need. With over 140 trailers primed for swift delivery and seamless setup, we're not just raising the bar, we're setting the stage for restroom greatness. In this blog, we’re not just talking the talk; we're trotting the track. We'll highlight how we proudly served esteemed client Churchill Downs, providing them with premium portable restroom services during their busiest seasons. When it comes to restroom revolutions, we've got you covered from start to finish line. What is Churchill Downs?  Churchill Downs is a legendary venue that sets the stage for some of the most iconic events in the horse racing world. Officially opening its gates in 1875, it's a place steeped in history and tradition, named after the illustrious Kentucky figurehead, Samuel Churchill. This renowned facility hosts some of the world’s largest horse-racing events, along with serving as a versatile venue for state fairs and concerts. But beyond the thrill of races, Churchill Downs offers a rich cultural experience. Visitors can browse through the gift shop, explore the Kentucky Derby Museum and even embrace the vintage dress code that harkens back to the golden days of racing. The Problem: A Crowd Conundrum  While Churchill Downs sees its fair share of bustling crowds, it's not always a full house. This fluctuation poses a challenge in ensuring all guests have access to adequate restroom facilities without the need for expensive renovations. That's where Portable Restroom Trailers come in. We provide a flexible solution for accommodating larger crowds during peak events without the need for costly renovations. Whether it's race day or a special event, our portable restrooms ensure every guest enjoys a comfortable and convenient experience. How Portable Restroom Trailers Elevated the Experience  At Churchill Downs, where luxury meets sophistication, premium restroom solutions ensure every guest experiences comfort and convenience in style. Here are some choices we offer to recreate that atmosphere:  5 Station Luxury Series: This portable restroom boasts elegant design with minimalist interiors, color-coordinated surfaces and modern flooring. The women’s suite offers three private stalls, while the men’s suite features a private stall and a urinal.  ADA 8 Station Fearless Series: Ideal for larger crowds, this unit ensures ADA compliance while maintaining luxury. The women’s suite includes four private restrooms with toilets and corner sinks, while the men’s suite features one toilet, three urinals and a corner sink, all accentuated by stylish luxury vinyl flooring.  9 Station Seabreeze Luxury Series: Featuring a modern interior and soothing colors, this trailer offers elegance and comfort. The women’s suite boasts five private stalls, while the men’s suite offers two private stalls and urinals, all in a climate-controlled environment for added comfort.  3 Station Luxury Winery Model: With laminated solid surface countertops and vinyl flooring, this model exudes sophistication. Each of the three unisex suites offers a private entrance and is equipped with amenities like a wall-to-wall vanity, paper towel dispenser and toilet paper holder, with one suite featuring a waterless urinal.  11 Station Coastal Series: This nautical-themed restroom features a stylish gray and white interior with ambient lighting. With seven toilets and four urinals, it ensures ample facilities for larger gatherings, all in a climate-controlled environment for ultimate comfort. Step up Your Event with Portable Restroom Trailers  At Portable Restroom Trailers, we know how crucial it is to deliver exceptional service, just like we've done for Churchill Downs. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, rest assured your event will be outfitted with top-of-the-line, safe and hygienic restroom solutions. Don't settle for ordinary – contact us today for an experience that goes above and beyond. We can't wait to surpass your expectations and work with you to create an unforgettable event! 
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Elevating Event Bathrooms at Kentucky Horse Park’s Rolex Stadium 

Get ready to saddle up for a luxurious experience with Portable Restroom Trailers – your go-to destination for bathroom bliss at events like the Kentucky Horse Park’s Rolex Stadium. We provide top-notch facilities to ensure every event is a success. In this blog, we'll explain how we made a popular destination more accessible using attractive, clean and climate-controlled restrooms.  What is the Kentucky Horse Park and Rolex Stadium?  The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky, is a dream destination for horse lovers. It hosts mesmerizing horse shows, where riders dressed in cultural costumes showcase various horse breeds from across the globe. But it's more than just a park – it's a bustling horse farm, a venue for thrilling equestrian competitions and an educational theme park. With attractions like horseback rides, the International Museum of the Horse displaying fascinating artifacts and memorabilia and striking horse sculptures, it's a paradise for anyone passionate about horses. Meanwhile, Rolex Stadium, located within the Kentucky Horse Park, is where the action happens. It's the go-to outdoor spot for concerts, horse shows and sporting events, serving as the largest outdoor concert venue in Central Kentucky. Whether you're a fan of music, horse spectacles or sports, Rolex Stadium has something for everyone. The Issue: Not Enough Bathrooms  However, the Kentucky Horse Park had a problem: it only had six restroom facilities. It was like trying to ride a horse with just one stirrup – uncomfortable and tough, especially during big events. Adding more permanent bathrooms would require expensive renovations. Our trailers have been rented as needed, which helps the park save money and allows them to focus on hosting great events without worrying about running out of restrooms. How Portable Restroom Trailers Makes a Difference  In the past, Rolex Stadium needed bathrooms that could handle large crowds, while also being attractive and durable with a hint of luxury. They chose the 9 Station Seabreeze Series, a durable trailer offering an upscale environment perfect for any event. With a fiberglass exterior and fold-up aluminum steps for easy access, it's both sturdy and convenient.  Event goers were delighted with the luxurious amenities provided. Inside, the women’s suite has five private stalls with toilets, a double sink vanity with an elegant marble surface and a large mirror. The men’s suite features two private stalls, two vanities and the same stylish marble sinks. Plus, the trailer comes with air conditioning and heat strips, ensuring a cozy atmosphere rain or shine, just like a snug stable. Upgrade Your Event with Portable Restroom Trailers  What makes our trailers the “mane” attraction? For starters, we've got medium-sized trailers that are as attractive as they are durable. Plus, we've got luxury options fit for even the fanciest of events. From large ADA restrooms to solar-powered solutions, we have the largest in-stock inventory nationwide, making it easy to find what you're looking for. So, if you're ready to take your event from ordinary to extraordinary, reach out to us! We'll hook you up with a bathroom experience that'll have your guests saying "neigh" to anything less. Contact us for a free quote to find out how we can make your next event a success.  
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Why Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers Are Having Their Moment

As we enter the warmer months and venture out into the world of outdoor events, festivals, and parties again, you may think, “Are these bathrooms nicer than I remember them being last year?” Well, you would think right. The portable restroom trailer market has been trending in a far more extravagant direction recently, and we’re here to tell you exactly why. From unmatched features to exceptional convenience and everything in between, there are more than enough reasons to understand why luxury bathroom trailers are all the rave. Convenience Wherever you may be and whatever the occasion, there is always a need for restroom facilities. Sometimes, though, the bathrooms can be hard to find, too far out of the way, or have a mile-long line for the toilets. Restroom trailers solve all of these problems. They can be placed wherever there is space and are large enough to support even the largest of crowds in attendance. These trailers are convenient for more than just guests, though. Event organizers and business managers can rent or buy these trailers for great prices and move them wherever the next event or job site may be. They are easy to set up and maintain and, when purchased, can be used again and again in a variety of places. Additionally, there are direct-to-sewer options that make tank management a breeze. There really is no better restroom alternative for convenience. Cleanliness There is no worse feeling than the dread of knowing you need to use the restroom, and the only option is a filthy bathroom or disgusting porta-potty. Part of a luxury experience should be confidence that all parts of your experience at an event or at work are positive, and using the bathroom should be no different. Luxury restroom trailers offer flushing toilets, well-ventilated spaces, and warm running water at hand washing stations. All of this work together to create a fresh, clean restroom that doesn’t leave you dreading your next trip. Plus, with smart management apps, facility managers can keep track of tank levels from anywhere to ensure that no nasty overflows occur and ruin your experience or threaten your health. Details There really is no comparison for a luxury restroom trailer. There are features galore that will make you and your guests feel like A-listers and VIPs. We would love the countertops in our house to be as pretty as the marble-effect ones in these luxury trailers. Have you ever seen a (faux) fireplace in a bathroom? They are pretty cozy. Porta-potties could never provide you with the perfect lighting for a mirror selfie. What we’re trying to get at is that there is genuinely no more luxurious experience than one that has details you didn’t even know you needed. These trailers offer you an exceptional quality that pays close attention to every detail to ensure that there is a little touch of luxury everywhere you look. Privacy Being surrounded by this much luxury may have you looking over your shoulder for the paparazzi, but we can assure you that in these trailers, they won’t be able to snap a pic. Fully enclosed stalls and self-contained units ensure you feel safe and secure from prying eyes while using our facilities. Additionally, there are trailers with both keyless and traditional locking mechanisms, so you can rest assured that your trailer is secured even when you’re not around. Comfort Gone are the days of being cooked in a porta-potty on a hot summer day or freezing in the winter. Many of the trailers have climate control, so your guests can always stay at a comfortable temperature no matter the season. Spacious units ensure that you aren’t rubbing elbows with your neighbors at the handwashing stations, and our selection of ADA-compliant restroom trailers helps make sure that all of your guests, regardless of ability, can experience the luxury restroom experience. Image Pictures from your well-manicured event or inviting job site no longer have to be ruined by other hideous restroom alternatives, nor do guests have to turn their noses at the classic bright plastic rectangles that are commonplace in situations like these. No, luxury restroom trailers are not common at all. They do not prove to be a bright, attention-grabbing eyesore. They are low-profile and minimal from the outside, so they don’t ruin the site's aesthetic appeal you have worked so hard to curate. So, why exactly are luxury trailers taking over and having their moment? Well, they are an elevated approach to an everyday necessity. They appeal to those who pay attention to the details and those who don’t. Everyone can appreciate just how special these trailers are and enjoy all of the many features they offer. They offer a touch of luxury to everyone who uses them. And who wouldn’t want that? Video Infographic Portable restroom trailers are becoming more luxurious. They offer unmatched features and exceptional convenience. Find out why luxury bathroom trailers are so popular in this infographic.
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The Complete Mobile Restroom Trailer Maintenance Checklist

We get it–you have a busy life, and the thought of cleaning and maintaining your portable restroom trailer is a bit overwhelming. To make your life easier, we’ve assembled the ultimate cleaning and maintenance checklist for your trailer so that you remember everything you have to do. This way, when it comes time to do your chores and service your trailers, you can confidently tackle the tasks at hand and use your time wisely.  Before You Use Your Trailer It is important to make sure that you can take care of any issues with your trailer before you move or use it. This helps to keep your plans running smoothly and can allow you to identify any minor problems before they become major ones.  1. Check Your Supplies Ensure you have adequate supplies for your job site or event. Some things to look out for are: Toilet paper should be fully stocked in each unit, with extra rolls on hand if and when a unit runs out.  Paper towels at all hand wash stations. Hand soap dispensers are full and functioning. Feminine hygiene products.  Antifreeze if you are operating your trailer in the colder months. This will prevent any pipes from bursting.  A plunger to sort out any minor toilet clogs.  A spare tire for your trailer and the necessary tire jack.  2. Check Your Facility Make sure that your trailer is functioning correctly. This can include checking tire pressure before transporting the trailer, flushing your water system of any antifreeze or sedentary water sitting in the pipes for some time, and ensuring all light fixtures are working correctly.  In ADA-compliant trailers, it is vital to ensure that signs are visible, ramps are stable, and grab bars are secure.  Most importantly, make sure that waste tanks are empty from the last use and that water tanks are full. If you forgot to do either after the previous use and rolled up to your trailer's new home with unsatisfactory tank levels, you could be in a pinch to address the issue at the last minute.  During Your Event or Workday The key to maintaining your restroom trailer efficiently is to keep up with little tasks as they come along. We recommend checking in on toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and hygiene product supplies periodically throughout the day and replenishing as products become unavailable. Additionally, as you discover any clogs or plumbing issues throughout the day, address them as quickly as possible to prevent them from worsening. That is why we suggest you keep a plunger and any other plumbing tools you may need on hand so you aren’t caught out and need to call a plumber for a basic fix.  It is also essential to regularly check your waste tank levels throughout the day to prevent an overflow, as well as your water tank. You can easily monitor your tank levels remotely with our Smarter Restrooms App. After Use The most important part of trailer maintenance is thoroughly cleaning your facilities after a workday or event. Doing so prevents any issues from persisting and keeps dirt, grime, and bacteria from building up in your trailer.  As in any context, when using vaporous cleaning products, ensure you do so with the doors to the trailer open—a well-ventilated space is critical to safe use.  Your To-Do List for All Trailers Clean up and dispose of any waste left behind.   Sweep and mop floors, drying them to prevent any bacteria or mold growth. Disinfect all surfaces, especially the high-touch areas, like door handles. Clean mirrors or windows with a streak-free cleaner.  Empty waste tanks. Check for any leaks in the plumbing, both on the unit's interior and exterior.  Check the exterior of the trailer. Is there any damage to the outer body?  Are any tires flat?  Are stairs and ramps in good, safe condition?  Be sure to address any concerns you may have right away. If you don’t intend to use your trailer for some time, flush all the water out of the systems, particularly when storing your trailer in colder months. Running systems dry prevents water from freezing, pipes from bursting, and bacteria from breeding in your tank and water systems.  3 Additional Items for Toilet Trailers Flush each toilet and urinal to confirm there are no clogs and that flushing mechanisms work smoothly.  Clean toilet bowls, seats, lids, and fastenings with a dedicated bathroom cleaner to disinfect surfaces with high traffic.  In the same vein, disinfect sink basins, faucets, and countertops.  Specific Tasks for Shower Trailers In addition to the list for all trailers, you want to do these extra steps for mobile shower trailers: Disinfect shower heads, temperature dials, and towel bars.  Beyond just mopping the floor, use a heavy-duty disinfectant on shower floors and walls. Clear drains of any hair or debris that could cause clogging and hygiene issues. Periodically use a preventative limescale agent on shower heads to keep them clear and clean.  3 More Steps for Laundry Trailers For portable laundry trailers, it’s imperative to: Clear lint traps in dryer units. Ensure all washing machines are draining correctly and all draining mechanisms are clear.  Keep washing machine doors open until subsequent use to prevent moisture from being locked in units and allow mold and bacteria to breed.  Don’t forget to disinfect all dials, door handles, and other high-traffic surfaces. Why All the Work? Maintaining a trailer in the best condition possible is essential to getting the most use out of your rental or purchase. It keeps your guests or employees happy and healthy, your space hygienic and clean, and your life easier in the long run. Checking for and addressing issues regularly prevents them from worsening or causing additional problems and keeps your trailer in excellent condition.  Video Infographic Before moving or using your trailer, ensure you can address any issues to keep your plans running smoothly. Be prepared with adequate supplies, and check out this infographic for important tips.
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Fact or Fiction? Debunking Myths about Portable Restroom Trailers

The portable restroom trailer industry is new and exciting, but because of that, there can be a lot of, well, crap to sift through.  You may have found some questionable information about mobile restroom trailers in your research. We want to help you make the most informed choice possible, so we are here to bust some myths about restroom trailers. Let’s set the record straight: Myth: Restroom Trailers Stink We all know how terrible it is to be at a concert, festival, campsite, outdoor event, and duty calls. That pit in your stomach forms when we walk up to that porta potty, knowing it will smell absolutely horrendous. Well, we can tell you one thing: a portable restroom trailer won’t have you turning up your nose and running for the hills.  Porta potties smell so awful because there is no airflow in those little plastic boxes. Combine that with heat when the weather is warm, and it’s essentially an oven. Bacteria and odors get trapped in the air, and when you breathe that in, your brain processes it as, you guessed it, stink.  With flushable toilets, we don’t have to leave waste exposed to stink up the place. Restroom trailers offer better ventilation than your traditional bathroom alternative, which helps push out nasty smells. Many options also include air conditioning that allows even further airflow.  So, are restroom trailers stinky? No.  Myth: Bathroom Trailers Are Dirty A public restroom in a building rarely gets this question asked, but we get it; it’s an alternative method of using the restroom, and there are bound to be concerns.  Well, fear not; mobile restroom trailers are just as clean as the bathroom in your office building.  Just because the bathroom is portable doesn’t make it any less clean. The use and fixtures in trailers are the same as any regular bathroom. Plus, as we said above, ventilation helps push out bacteria-ridden air. So, the cleanest bathroom that you can move around is a portable restroom trailer. So, are restroom trailers dirty? Not a chance.  Myth: Restroom Trailers Are Ugly While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, a trailer is certainly a better option than other toilet alternatives out there.  On the outside, they aren’t brightly colored, mismatching your event's color scheme and drawing attention away. They are pretty low profile and can easily go unnoticed.  On the inside, though, they are undoubtedly showstopping. Luxury restroom trailers have marble effect interiors, glass sinks, granite countertops, or tile that match your vibe and work alongside decorative finishes to create a fabulous experience.  So, are restroom trailers hideous? Absolutely not.  Myth: Bathroom Trailers Are Tiny and Uncomfortable This could be one of the biggest myths of all. The image of the little colored plastic box may be to blame for that.  We cannot stress enough how different a portable restroom trailer is from a porta potty. Other than the convenience and mobility, there isn’t much they have in common with one another.  One of the most significant differences, though, is size and comfort.  Most restroom trailers offer a spacious area similar to a public restroom stall, if not bigger. As well, ADA-compliant restroom trailers provide even more space. Comfort is a top priority in mobile bathroom trailers, and the features offered prove that. With total privacy walls, powder rooms, air conditioning, and plenty of lighting, using the bathroom and freshening up has never been more luxurious at an outdoor event or job site.  So, are restroom trailers tiny and uncomfortable? Definitely no.  Myth: Restroom Trailers Don’t Offer the Same Fixtures as Regular Bathrooms  Restroom trailers offer flushing toilets, running water at handwash stations, mirrors, wifi, and more. There are even trailers that provide showers and laundry machines.  Whatever your needs are, there is certainly a trailer to solve them. Many trailers look and feel like your bathroom at home, so you won’t feel anything is missing when you’re in there.  So, are restroom trailers lacking in amenities? Not a chance.  Myth: Bathroom Trailers are a Hassle to Handle  To be fair, this one used to be true. Management can seem overwhelming with waste tanks that need emptying, water tanks that need filling, and power sources needing to be connected.  Thankfully, there are a lot of ways that trailer management is made more accessible. Firstly, many tanks can connect to sewer lines or be collected and disposed of by local waste management companies. Your standard garden hose can also top up your water tank. Power generators, or for a more environmentally friendly option, solar panels can provide your trailer with the energy it needs to keep the lights or wifi running smoothly. Plus, with our Smarter Restrooms App, management is easy, as you can track and order service for your trailers, all from your phone.  So, are restroom trailers a pain to service? No.  Myth: Restroom Trailers Aren’t Worth the Money We understand that purchasing or renting a trailer isn’t for everyone. However, if you regularly need toilet facilities for your events or job sites and want more for your employees and guests than a flimsy, smelly plastic toilet, then mobile bathroom trailers are worth it. We have a range of trailers that fit various needs and budgets, and we would love to work with you to find the perfect fit for you.    
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Raising the Bar on Event Experiences with Mobile Bathroom Luxury

At Portable Restroom Trailers, we're on a mission to deliver mobile bathroom bliss. Recently, we had the tremendous opportunity to be part of a private educational seminar retreat. Picture this: a massive 35,000-square-foot house transformed into the ultimate hotspot, where successful entrepreneurs mixed knowledge-seeking with comfort.  In our quest for excellence, we rolled out the big guns – our Semi Luxury Restroom Trailer, the 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series with a 4 Season Package. It’s like the rock star of portable restrooms, ensuring everyone at the event had access to a bathroom experience that's as classy as it is comfortable. We take our commitment to excellence seriously, even when it's nature's call we're answering.  Event Highlights  Our Coastal Series trailer was the epitome of sophistication and functionality. With a 2-tone gray and white nautical interior, soft ambient lighting and chic vanity countertops with a Starlight Wave mosaic tile backsplash. It was like stepping into a restroom that not only met attendees' needs but totally blew their expectations out of the water.  The 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series is self-contained, rocking a 200-gallon onboard freshwater tank and a whopping 750-gallon waste tank. The exterior comes with heavy-duty fold-up aluminum steps and rails for a smooth entrance. And let's talk comfort – the climate-controlled environment has got you covered with air conditioning, heat strips and a 4 Season Package for all-weather coziness. We even threw in a water heater for a touch of luxury with a hot water hand wash experience.   Why Choose Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Event:  Purposeful Design: Before diving into options, define what you need. Our Coastal Series is like the VIP section, bringing a touch of luxury to events like the private educational seminar retreat. User-Centric Approach: We understand that everyone has different needs. Our ADA restroom trailers are there for those needing a bit more space or assistance. Capacity Considerations: Got a big crowd? No problem. Our range of trailer options caters to varying capacities, ensuring your choice aligns with the number of attendees and the vibe of your event. Essential Features: Basic is boring. Our trailers come loaded with features like hot and cold running water, air conditioning, and more to take attendee comfort to the next level. Timing Benefits: Want to save some cash? Time your purchase right. Grab that 179-tax advantage by making your move before the end of the tax year.  Elevate Your Event Experience with Us  Ready to take your event to the next level? Swing by our website and explore the 8-Station Portable Restrooms Trailer Coastal Series. Trust us, it's a game-changer.  Explore Coastal Series  Remember, when it comes to choosing portable restroom trailers, prioritize functionality, accessibility, and user comfort to make an informed decision that meets your specific needs and exceeds expectations.  And here's a little nugget of wisdom: When you're in the market for portable restroom trailers, keep your priorities straight. Think functionality, accessibility, and user comfort. Make a savvy decision that not only meets your specific needs but blows your expectations out of the water. Because let's be real, every event deserves a restroom experience that's as awesome as the main event itself. Receive a free quote today to get started! 
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