The debate lives on…air dryers or paper towels?
There still seems to biStock_000005694241XSmalle a question as to which option is better to use before leaving the restroom. We’ve found some useful information, so if you’re taking hygiene into consideration, you might want to keep reading.
The University of Westminster, as well as the microbiology department of Portland Community College, conducted a study and found that all air dryers, including jet dryers and hot air dryers, increase bacteria transmission significantly. The problem is that air dryers don’t kill or remove the bacteria, they merely blow it around. As a result, the bacteria lands on and contaminates other items in the restroom, including your hands. Once those contaminated items leave the restroom and touch something else, the bacteria is spread to places far and wide, and can make you very sick.
Other similar studies, such as that of the Mayo Clinic, have shown that paper towels actually reduce the amount of bacteria and show no spread of organisms. Given that paper towels provide friction, they are much more efficient at removing the microbes from your hands. Another benefit to using paper towels is that they quickly and fully dry your hands. Since bacteria spread faster and more easily in moist environments, the risk of taking some microorganisms with you is increased when you leave with damp hands. And if you’re always in a rush like me, you’ve dealt with the frustration of air dryers taking too long, so you (like me) leave before your hands are fully dry. Yet, when paper towels are present, we are able to easily and completely dry our hands in a more timely fashion.
Lastly, to avoid bacteria getting back onto your hands after washing, it is a good idea to use a paper towel to turn off the faucet and open the door. That way, the paper towel will acquire the germs, not you. After you’re out, you can throw the germ filled paper towel away.2001 9-Unit Luxury Black Tie Trailer
If hygiene is your top priority, then paper towels are the best choice…and so are restroom trailers. Portable Restroom Trailers is committed to keeping you safe and healthy, which is one reason why they provide paper towels. With a restroom trailer, the chances of spreading of bacteria are much lower since they won’t be blown around and your hands will be completely dry when you leave. They are also regularly professionally cleaned and maintained so that harmful bacteria are removed and you can have an enjoyable and safe experience.