Portable Restroom Trailers is committed to being a leader in the mobile sanitation industry. As such, we serve clients beyond the U.S. borders, oftentimes delivering portable restrooms to remote areas or regions of the world in which such products do not exist.  We also have a variety of restroom facility solutions ideal for large metropolitan areas, and the in-house expertise to help International municipalities select the right trailer for their needs.


Our most recent export went to Metro Vancouver, an organization that works with twenty-one municipalities surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia. As part of Metro Vancouver’s services, they collect and treat wastewater. They operate five wastewater treatment plants, conduct regular environmental monitoring on the system, and maintain a network of sewers and pumping stations. The two station park model restroom trailer they purchased from PRT will be used on-site to support a water treatment plant.


The 2014 two station park model restroom trailer is part of our Executive Series. The 6’ 4” by 10’ 4” park model unit is meant to be lowered to the ground in a semi-permanent location. It will be installed with a crane lift, and has a removable axle, tongue, and hitch to sit flush with the foundation. While the trailer does not include an on-board fresh water tank, it does include a 250 gallon on-board waste tank. It also features an Arctic Package with Full/Added Heat, a must-have for the cold winters in the region. The two private restrooms suites include full-flush, residential style toilets, waterless urinals, optimum black countertops and standard white sinks, gray flooring, and more.

Upon receipt of the park model trailer, Metro Vancouver found the trailer to be “very nicely appointed.” They believe guests will be pleased with the full use washrooms compared to porta-potties.

For more information on Metro Vancouver, visit their website. For additional information on our complete line of park models or skid trailers, visit this page on our website.