There is something truly unique about America’s midwest. Throughout many towns and small cities, you’ll find a warmth and kindness like nowhere else. The people are just going to smile and say hey when they pass you on the street, whether you’re walking through town or driving down a dirt road, 50 miles from the nearest gas station. Our portable bathroom business has taken us to many a countryside, supplying upscale portable options for county fairs, backyard barbecues, barn house weddings and more. One of our favorite places to do business is the state of Illinois.

This state is unique in that it not only has that family-oriented country atmosphere, but has a city that somehow marries the best of both worlds. Friendly midwestern people fill the bustling city streets, wearing everything from tailored suits to cowboy hats and boots. The frigidity and fast pace that typically is accompanied by city life has melted away. Chicago just has that something that so many cities don’t, all because it brings together two different lifestyles in such perfect harmony.

While Chicago is often the first destination that comes to mind when people think about the Prairie State, you can tell by its nickname that Illinois has a lot more to offer. One of its best hidden gems is Shawnee National Forest, a massive 280,000-acre national forest that covers much of the southern tip of Illinois is by far the state’s most beautiful natural attraction that most people remain totally unaware of. 

Great River Road is home to clear views of the Mississippi River and the woodlands, and also passes through several great Midwestern towns more than worthy of your radar like Galena, Alton, and Grafton.

Illinois has citizens that aren’t afraid of hard work. The top industries in Illinois that significantly benefit the economy include services, manufacturing, exports, agriculture, and mining. We are excited to partner with these industries and more as we expand our portable bathroom business in Illinois. Below, we have selected five portable restrooms that are perfect for businesses and organizations operating in Illinois. See our recommendations, then head to our website to browse all restroom trailers available now. 


combo portable resstroom trailers

In addition to restroom options, the 4 Station Combo, Classic Series is a portable bathroom unit that comes with showers. 

This is ideal for staff during those hot summer months. They’ll feel so much relief getting to take a quick shower after their day of hard work. If you’re looking for a portable bathroom that can go the extra mile for your staff, we highly recommend a restroom/ shower combo. Many businesses have reported back to us stating that they would have never thought to provide such an amenity, and their employees are much happier when they have the option!


Comfort Series Portable bathrooms

For campsites, sightseeing, and long-term event series like weekly farmers markets, portable bathrooms like the 10 Station Comfort Series are a great choice. This unit is built for efficiency and durability, making it a better fit when looking for a restroom for the public. Servicing nearly 1000 guests, it’s ready to take on a huge crowd and is a dependable portable bathroom option. 


10 Station Portable Bathroom

If you have hundreds of employees under your care, the 10 Station Classic Series is a great solution. This portable bathroom ensures that the restroom wait is never too long and makes that quick and easy access possible. The elegance of this unit also impresses its visitors, making your staff feel just a little more thought about and cared for. 

Goods and Services

4 station

The 4 Station Coastal Series provides a luxurious restroom option for your employees. Each suite can service two visitors at a time, and ample porch lighting allows for easy and safe access no matter what time, day or night. With a nautical interior design theme as a finishing touch, this portable restroom trailer rental is ideal for facilities with a more upscale environment.

Winterproof options!

winter restroom trailers

The four season package is an add-on for restroom trailers that ensures your unit is equipped to handle a wide range of temperatures. It ensures that your fleet can stay up and running through the hot summer weather with air conditioning and insulation, and can also handle winter storms that reach temps as low as -20 degrees. The upgrades this package has makes sure that your trailer is operating smoothly and also keeps guests comfortable with interior climate control. It’s a win-win upgrade - easier extreme weather operations and guaranteed guest comfort and satisfaction!

See our available inventory here, and search for portable bathroom options that include the four season package.